Real Podcast. Imaginary Travel.

How would you spend $10,000?

Well, your imaginary luxury travel experts are figuring out how to do it all over the world! 

Take a look around, download an episode, browse the blog, watch our videos, you know…just enjoy the view!


10K Dollar Day is the imaginary luxury travel comedy

podcast hosted by Alison Burns and Lulu Picart.

These two self-proclaimed starving artists came up

with the 10K concept while struggling to make ends

meet in NYC years ago. They would find themselves

sharing dirty diner meals night after night and when

the check would come, they’d play a little game... 

“What would you do right now if you had $10,000?“

And thus, a podcast was born. Aside from being

imaginary world travelers, Alison is an actress, singer,

wife, and mom while Lulu is an actress, singer and

single mom of dogs. They both coach students of all

ages at Find Your Light Coaching; and they love frozen

Rosé, nachos and tea tree shampoo.