Vienna, Austria + Santorini, Greece

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Alison is obsessed with Tampa Bay's meteorologist Denis Phillips. In case you've been under a rock, Hurricane Dorian is headed for Florida. Or is it? Who knows! It keeps on changing, and for days now the news has been spitting imminent doom out of her TV, and Alison is sick of it. She can't get gas or bread for her kid's sandwiches. The one thing that calms her down is Denis and his rule - "always don't panic". Everyone on the east coast needs a little more of that attitude.

Lulu is breaking her TV-viewing rules for this obsession. Usually, she won't watch a show until she can binge watch the whole series. The Great British Baking Show is back, but this season is being released weekly, as opposed to the entire season all at once. You guys, that Lulu is breaking this rule of hers is HUGE.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison is wishing for yet another vacuum. Okay, to be fair this is more like a robot dustpan. The EyeVac Home sucks up everything you sweep at it. Into it? Whatever the correct verbiage may be, Alison wants it. Lulu points out that Alison has some high maintenance vaccuuming needs thanks to two kids and two pets, and that perhaps she should get a Roomba. Lulu is obsessed with the Casetify® iPhone cases that look like luggage tags. There's also glitter cases, cases with pressed dried many options. Hold up, there is a CUSTOM option on their website and now she wants a #Team10K phone case!

10K Dollar Day in Vienna, Austria

This is for one of our 10K Dollar Baes, Lulu is taking a listener request, so to speak. Jason Wetzel is going to Vienna, Austria, and asked for recommendations. Here are your luxury suggestions, Jason. First of all, Lulu is intrigued by the odd House of Time, a boutique hotel with themed suites. “Suite” is an understatement, some of these stunners have meditation rooms, cinemas, saunas, dining rooms…you name it, really. Oh and they have the world's largest beds at 8 ft x 9 ft. Seriously, you won't believe the suites, just take a look. You can rent the whole hotel, but 10K wouldn't cover that to be sure, so Lulu selects the “Love Boat in Swarovski” Suite. It comes with a rooftop terrace with a telescope and has two bedrooms. Also a big plus, there is breakfast ALL. DAY. LONG.

Lulu decides to take the public transportation (U-bahn) to get around, which operates on an honor system. Alison is already thinking about how she just wouldn't pay, but Lulu warns her that there are spot checks where cheaters are required to pay hefty fines. I don't think this could really be called an "honor system". Perhaps "fear of god and fines system" is more accurate. Either way, its a great way to get around town as tickets are transferable between the tram, train, subway, and bus!

Lulu has been scouring the "best of" coffee shop articles, and has decided this is where to go in Vienna. Fenster Cafe is where to be, and incidentally is where to get a Cornettoccino. It is a cappuccino served in a chocolate-lined waffle cone. Delicious and eco-friendly, win-win! Properly caffeinated, Lulu heads on a tour of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, taking in the catacombs and the towers in additional to the main areas. This tour is only $16 USD and sounds so interesting!

After the tour Lulu decides to head for some lunch. She got super excited when she stumbles upon Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood café and teahouse. We’re sensing a theme here, as stuff is served in cones at this spot too. In addition to her iced gin tea (in a glass), she gets all the tasting menu cones, such as the beef tartare, mashed potatoes, cress in a Sancho pepper cone, and the burrata dumplings, truffle, mushrooms, and peas in a cone. Think savory parfaits, in a cone, but fancy. Sounds prefect, no? Almost. Because this incredible fine dining find is not in Vienna, it's in Salzburg, a 3 hour drive away. Lulu could have just changed restaurants at this point in her research, but Carpe Diem sounds just that good. So she is flying to Salzburg in a helicopter through Privatefly.

. She's nearly spent all her money, so she uses her BPA-free reusable sandwich bags to ask for her leftovers from Carpe Diem to be packed up so she can eat them later. Not very 10K, but at least eco-friendly...and let's be honest, those leftovers will most certainly be consumed on the helicopter ride home, because, YUM. Once back to Vienna, she heads to a Orangerie Concert at Schonbrunn. The music of Mozart and Strauss, complimentary sparkling wine, and a CD are what her ticket gets her. All in all a great day for Lulu in Vienna—>Salzburg—>Vienna.

10K Dollar Day in Santorini, Greece

Lulu has been to Santorini before, but didn't know that the island is made of volcanic rock. She did however know that it is located in the Aegean Sea in Greece. Thank you Alison, for informing those who've never opened Instagram or Pinterest about the location of the ubiquitous Santorini. Alison is so stoked about the “privileged location” of the Canaves Oia Sunday Suites. A complex of eight luxury suites, Alison opts for the Master Suite with Infinity Pool which looks like what she imagines heaven looks like. But seriously. The perk of being able to add on services to your stay makes Alison’s planning that much easier…and luxurious. She adds the VIP transportation service consisting of a private limo for only $100, chocolates and flowers delivered to your room for $88, and a lunch with wine by the pool for only $77. Those add-ons are an easy "yes!" for Alison.

Now for the reason she is wanting to go to Santorini. She wants to do a flying dress photo shoot. You choose between a range of dresses with 10-20+ foot trains, then head to a dreamy location (which is every spot in the area). You don the dress, get your makeup done, and after your shoot receive edited photos of you looking like you've stepped off the pages of Vogue. No, but seriously. There are several package options, and Alison added on, well, every add-on, such as retouching blemishes, extra time, and an assistant. She's spending $4,000, but you can do a package for closer to 2K. Lulu wants to do this too. Add this to the "let's-do-this-in-real-life-one-day" list.

After her photoshoot, Alison is going to the open air cinema to catch a film, which is only $9! She's not buying any of the food and beverage offerings there, but only because she is headed to Santo Wines to do a 16-wine flight, cheese and charcuterie tasting experience. She had all that wine for one purpose, and one purpose only. Wait, Alison does not need a reason to drink any amount of wine, minimal or copious. But she is glad to have had this much wine, because she needs to be drunk to brave this next experience. She wants to do it but doesn’t want to do it at the same time. She is getting a fish pedicure and manicure at Fish Spa Kangal. It is supposed to leave your skin the softest and smoothest its ever been, but Alison is worried she won't be able to get past the creatures-are-eating-you thing.

Alison wanted to do this Panorama Balcony Experience back at Canaves Oia, but she only has around $250 left, having spent four grand on a photoshoot you know, so she dines in the hotel's restaurant. She blew this one out you guys.



10K Dollar Day in Vienna, Austria + Santorini, Greece

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