Komodo Island, Indonesia + Zagreb, Croatia

It’s a morning recording session, and the ladies are making sure their morning beverages are up to snuff before they record. (PS — have you seen the 10k drink video yet?)


Alison’s obsession is the HiSmile teeth whitening system. It involves trays and lights and devices, and she swears it works, even though she’s skipping the no-wine-no-coffee guidelines. Lulu can’t stop watching Taxi, and she is full-on obsessed with Christopher Lloyd in that show. Here’s a clip (be careful, you might go down a rabbit hole with this…).

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison wishes it was still shark week. Strange for a girl terrified of sharks. Whatever floats your boat, right? Lulu’s wishlist is for an air-conditioned soundproof room for comfortable but silent recording. It would result in some good sounding episodes, so this is really a wish for all of us.


It’s off to Komodo Island for Alison, home of the komodo dragons. Lulu isn’t familiar with how big they can be, and asks what kind of dog breed they’d be similar to. Alison tells her they’re like mini horses. Horse-dinosaurs. She stays in the ocean tent at the super-gorgeous Amanwana Resort, and immediately rents a nine-cabin boat from Ayana Lako Di’a for some island-hopping. That’s how to do a cruise in 10k style!

Of course, Alison adopts a komodo dragon on this trip! And then she takes a dinner cruise that includes a seven-course dinner. And then — she’s at the end of her day. She spent almost her entire budget sailing around the islands. Can you blame her?


Lulu goes to Zagreb! She gets a giant suite at the Esplanade Zagreb. It has complimentary Croatian brandy, a drench shower, and she adds on a bottle of Veuve Clicquot to her welcome package. So far, so good. Then she hires a car and driver through Blacklane — and now she’s ready to hit up the city.

Breakfast is at Otto and Frank, and Lulu gets a traditional Zagreb (Zagrebian?) breakfast. And while she’s out in town, she hits up Kišobrani Cerovečki for an iconic Croatian umbrella.

The day takes a turn here, because she hits up a specific museum. Lulu found Zagreb by Googling “where to travel to get over a breakup.” (Don’t read too much into that, friends. The ladies just have to get super creative to find their locations.) So she heads to the Museum of Broken Relationships, which is a collection of relationship-related items that have been donated by people all over the world. Alison is instantly fascinated. After a Croatian lunch at Marenda, Lulu uses the Breakup theme for the rest of the day. Buckle up, guys.

She heads back to her hotel room and collects some of the things she needs for her self-indulgent breakup trip. Clearly, a karaoke machine has to be on the list. Lulu gives us her top 10 breakup songs list, which she has prepped for her private hotel room crying concert. She also picks up a book titled You Are a Badass, a sweatshirt from Lingua Franca that is emblazoned with the words “I am enough,” a subscription to Singles Swag, Givenchy men’s track pants, and gaming socks. She drinks the Croatian brandy and the bottle of Veuve, and puts her phone on airplane mode while lounging in her comfy clothes and singing breakup songs. You have to give her credit for commitment.

Don’t worry, she makes herself get back up and get dressed for dinner. She enjoys a seven-course dinner at Noel, making sure to hit up the sea urchin risotto. See? After all the crying, she got back up again.


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