Newport, Rhode Island + Riviera Maya, Mexico

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Alison is obsessed with her hair, as she exhibits by shaking her head to and fro, forgetting that there are those listening to the podcast not the video. Lulu points this out and so Alison uses her words to dote on the awesomeness of her experience at Bambu Eco Salon in St Pete, and specifically her hairstylist, Chris Kiss. She just did a show where the director wanted to look more edgy, or "less soccer mom" as Alison puts it. She went from a golden blonde lob to a short platinum blonde bob shaved on both sides. She feels awesome, and looks it too, which you know if you are watching the video. Shamelessly plugging our Youtube is our joint obsession. Lulu is obsessed with a treat she can get only in England at Marks & Spencer, so thank you British friends who got her Percy Pigs. Good news for you, you can actually order Percy Pigs gummies on Amazon.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison wished for this last night, and actually started to make it come true today. Alison wants a facial and a consultation and consistent treatments from a dermatologist. While getting her hair done she met someone who does custom facials. She doesn't remember her name or have her we'll see when this wish actually comes true. Lulu's wish is also face-related. For the love of god she wants something that will actually keep makeup on her face. Like a supernatural primer would be nice. We digress into a discussion on dealing with chin hairs, so go ahead and pretend like you don't deal with it too.

10K Dollar Day in Newport, Rhode Island

Lulu heads to the tony locale where JFK and Jackie got married. If you are wondering what the word "tony" is doing in that sentence, you're not alone. Alison had never heard of that word being used to mean "fancy; fashionable among stylish and wealthy people." Now you know. To access Narragansett Island where her unique accommodation is located, Lulu has to take the lobster boat from Newport. She is staying in the Keeper's Apartment of the Rose Island Lighthouse, which is sure to have some killer views! She paid an additional fee to "light the light" in memory of her passed loved ones, and also donated to the preservation fund. She heads back to the mainland in the lobster boat and heads to a shipyard where she has a breakfast of lobster rolls and coffee at Belle’s Cafe.

Next Lulu goes to the National Museum of American Illustration to see works by the likes of Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish, among others. The museum pitches that it features "the most American of American art" and that illustration is a very American form of art, which Lulu will learn more about on her Private VIP tour. On a museum streak, she heads to The Breakers, the stunning Vanderbilt mansion. With multiple options of tours to choose from, Lulu decides to go on several tours, including "Beneath the Breakers" and "Servant Life".

Lulu is feeling fancy, and is wanting to do something we've never done in a 10K Day. So she is going to a polo match! What's polo, you ask? "It's croquet on a horse!", Lulu states semi-confidently. Lulu takes polo lessons at the Newport International Polo Club, so that she can really understand the game. She'll need to for this next bit. Going for a very "tony" experience, Lulu is going to have lunch at the Modern Luxury Polo lounge, where she enjoys gourmet hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails, all while sporting her best interpretation of the Pretty Woman dress, this Prada belted polka dot beauty.

Finally, Lulu heads to Clark Cooke House which Food & Wine says is "by far the most sophisticated restaurant in Newport". She'll be dining amongst "royalty and yachting stars, captains of industry and charming scalawags", according to the restaurant's website. She fits into the latter category quite nicely, we think. Stuffed zucchini blossoms, New England Clam Chowder, lobster salad, striped bass and cocktails sound like a delicious way to end her tony holiday.

10K Dollar Day in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Between a lot of work and a 5-year-old that wakes up early regardless of bedtime, Alison's mind can only think about sleep. So when preparing her 10K Day, she googles "The Best Hotels for Sleep". The Grand Velas in Riviera Maya was the first to pop up in her search. She books their Grand Class Suite with ocean views, which looks like it will be a beautiful place to catch some zzz's. But first she's got to tire herself out.

She's going to spend the day visiting Xel-Há, one of the world's greatest - and largest - natural wonders. Alison and Lulu attempt many pronunciations of the locale, and don't land on it exactly but luckily we found the correct pronunciation on TripAdvisor. Alison lives it up at this all-inclusive park of water activities, ecological attractions, restaurants and the best scenery of cenotes, lagoons, and caves. Oh and there are aquatic zip lines!! Which is not zipping through water like the girls guess, but rather you start from a cliff and end in the water. Just in case you weren't sure what an aquatic zip line is. Her excursion even includes roundtrip transportation to and from her hotel, and a package of pictures.

Worn out, she decides to have one big meal, hoping it will make her even more tired. Isn't this what bears do before they hibernate? She heads to Piaf for some french fine dining. She orders oysters, duck, angus beef, and literally every dessert on the menu. Alison says this only cost $200, which seems absurdly low for such a high quality (and quantity) meal. But if the online menu is in pesos, then her calculations are correct, we are shocked, and booking a ticket to Mexico now!

Okay so back to the reason she went here in the first place. She wants to SLEEP. She's worn herself out, stuffed herself to capacity, all she needs to guarantee her perfect night of sleep is some of the best gadgets 2019 has to offer the sleep deprived masses:

not available in US, so technically this is a wishlist item for now! The Dreem tracks sleep by recording and analyzing brain activity among other things via EEG sensors, and gives you a comprehensive report of your sleeping habits.

This white noise and fan sound machine will put you straight to bed! At only $49.95, sign us up!

Lulu had these earbuds that play pre-loaded soothing sounds on her wishlist previously, and they block out things like a snoring partner or noisy neighbors!

Neither Alison or Lulu are exactly sure what this does. Here it is: It is a device that monitors tech usage. You can block apps for connected phones, like say for your kids. You can set time limits for how much time per day you want to be on your phone, you can see how much time you spend per app. Essentially its a device that helps you become more mindful about using a device. Alison just ordered it because an online list of "best sleep gadgets" told her it was a good idea.

She orders four of these in king-size, which cost a whopping $3600. The goose feathers on the inside must be from free-range organic geese that got a massage before having their feathers plucked, or something over the top like that. Who has nearly four grand to spend on pillows? L-u-x-u-r-y.

If you haven't slept on silk sheets before you are MISSING OUT.

Being faux fur, we're not sure why this blanket is $1200, but it looks so luxurious, Alison couldn't resist!

apparently these are the most comfortable pajamas of 2019...AND you can get them monogrammed.

Before she heads off to bed, Alison has one more sleep preparatory experience lined up courtesy of the hotel's spa. An Aroma Zen Bath Meditation and Sleep experience, starts with a float in a pool of Epsom salts that features chromotherapy lights designed to balance your chakras. Your soak is followed by a neuro-aromatherapy massage designed with oils to calm the nervous system. Some chamomile tea at the end has Alison fully prepared for the best sleep of her life.



10K Dollar Day in Newport, Rhode Island + Riviera Maya, Mexico

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