Sardinia, Italy + Hamilton, Bermuda

Here we are, and Alison and Lulu have been hit hard by the back-to-real-life factor of post-travel. It’s the first time they’ve recorded since Stockholm, so the rehash their budget and realize where they could have cut even more corners (hint: less wine at JFK). They also talk about last week’s episode, the Orlando House Party — and if you want them to come out to you and do a live taping from your house, we can make that happen! Just contact us and let us know what you’re thinking. We’re flexible and willing to travel. Clearly.

This past week, both Alison and Lulu saw the Broadway national tour of Come From Away, and they gush a bit about it. If it’s coming to your city, make sure to catch it, especially because one of the cast members makes an appearance in our next 10k Saturday episode!


Alison’s obsession this week is the Duolingo app, which she’s using to learn Swedish! She can even say whole sentences like “The man is eating an apple.” Quick study! It would have been slightly more useful to do this before they went to Stockholm, but continual improvement is important, people. Also, her recent wishlist was to learn another language, so she is making it happen! Yay! Lulu is obsessed with the Awesome Etiquette podcast from the Emily Post Institute, which she says is all about her #HufflepuffProblems. (Also note: she says in the podcast that sometimes she doesn’t agree with their advice, and she’s already feeling bad about saying that, and we’re like, we get it, you’re a Hufflepuff.)

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

So. Let’s talk about wishlists. Alison wants the Billie blade subscription service. We all know that Alison is always going want things to come straight to her door (like a vacuum. Remember that classic episode?). Lulu isn’t too sure about all the marketing lingo around the Billie campaign, but Alison really likes the logo, so it’s on the wishlist. Lulu’s wishlist item is a subscription to the Pzizz app, because her free trial ended and post-vacay Lulu does not have room in her budget for anything (darn that JFK wine!). Even J.K. Rowling tweeted about it. So I guess this app solves one Hufflepuff problem.


Alison brings us to Sardinia, Italy, but not just to look around — she brings us to a “Goddess Women’s Spirituality Retreat.” This involves learning the “feminine art of doing nothing.” Wait, Lulu points out, sometimes it feels like women do everything. Not to get gender normative about it. The ladies have a lot of questions about the amenities (cave of fairies? feminine bodywork?), and a lot of questions about the self-indulgence of it all, but overall, it sounds pretty luxe.

She leaves the retreat (we’re not playing by the rules here) and rents a yellow Lamborghini to drive to lunch at Nautilus. And then goes… straight to dinner at Confusion Boutique Restaurant. You know what? That sounds like the perfect vacay day to us. However, her dinner pick is über-fancy, so she has to find an outfit to fit in. Alison finds a blouse and skirt from Alessandra Facchinetti for Valentino (#shoplocal). However, this blouse is the sheerest of the sheer (save an oh-so-delicately placed mass of ruffles), so Alison isn’t sure whether she should wear something under it. Click on the link above and let us know what you think. Shoes are from Alessandra Rich, and that finishes off her fancy outfit. That she can’t move in without being censored on network television.

And then, in a 10k flash of inspiration, Alison realizes that her elegant outfit doesn’t match her car. So she has to trade in the yellow Lambo for a Rolls to pull up to the restaurant. That ends her day, and (spoiler alert) she doesn’t even break 8k. With 2k of clothes, two luxe cars, and all the food — hmmm. Should we take a trip there?


Lulu takes us to Bermuda, where, she says, the sand is pink and where, Alison says, people disappear. She’s pretty excited to have thoroughly researched this place, because she’’ll be there next month as she opens the next cast of The Choir of Man. She’s been working with this show for a while now, and it’s even been her obsession in the past. Sure. All we know is that she’s going to be in Bermuda with handsome men who sing and play instruments. But besides that, something tells us not to be too jealous of her real life trip, because we’re pretty sure it’s not going to be anything like this day.

She starts off by staying at Loren at Pink Beach, in the villa penthouse, natch. They debate bathrooms and showers and… more bathrooms. We realize that there is a very big difference between Lulu and Alison’s idea of how to share a bathroom. Note taken. Good thing this didn’t come up in Stockholm when they were sharing a room.

Breakfast is at Bouchée, where she orders the homard benedict — Lulu loves a benedict! She is a bit suspicious about the Maine lobster, though, since there are fresh lobsters living much, much, much closer to, um, Bermuda. But she’s willing to try. After breakfast, she ignores the traditional don’t-swim-after-eating rule and heads to the Crystal and Fantasy Caves. These are gorgeous caves that you can swim in! Lulu is a confirmed hydrophobe, so we’re not sure if this would really happen. In fact, she has a very specific idea of how badly this all could turn out. However, here’s a video of The Choir of Man singing in one of those caves!

Nothing decompresses Lulu after an anxiety-ridden-albeit-beautiful “swim” like shopping, so she picks up a classic — Bermuda shorts! At Tabs, she picks up Bermuda shorts for the entire cast of the Choir of Man! This racks up a pretty penny, so she’s doing well so far…

Lunch time! Lulu goes to Mickey’s Bistro. After realizing her lunch may not rack up a 10k bill, she adds a bottle of Dom Perignon to hike it up. Classic 10k, you guys.

Again with the eating and swimming…! Next up: cliff diving at Admiralty House Park. Wait. What? Lulu’s going to go cliff diving? Even after Alison tells her about this terrifying GoPro video of a cliff dive? Well, she has her priorities right — she knows she needs a bathing suit that will stay put, so she gets the Penelope maillot from Amaiò. We’re not sure this is the most practical choice, although it’s certainly cute with its Peter Pan collar, embroided mesh sleeves, and mother of pearl clasps. It might survive one cliff dive. One. But it’ll be really cute on Instagram.

And now, for the actual cliff diving. Lulu hires two lifeguards, first of all. And she specifies she’s doing the cliff diving, but not the swimming to shore part, because that scares her. So she purchases a rubber mat (it’s called, um, the Rubber Dockie) that includes a bungee tether so her lifeguards can swim her to shore. And on shore, she’s got a celebration planned of her huge cliff diving achievement. We’re talking trophy, finish line ribbon, and a bluetooth speaker blasting “Chariots of Fire” as she … gets towed. On a dock. By people actually swimming.

Her celebratory dinner is at Marcus, and she must have expended a lot of energy on that mat ride, because she orders so much food. She deserves it, though. Kinda.




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