Andorra + Bogotá, Colombia

It’s our first-ever house party episode, and the drinks have clearly been flowing before the camera started rolling. You can tell, because Lulu is using her wow-that’s-high drunk voice. That’s right, the camera — because this episode is one of our YouTube episodes! You can watch it here.

The house party means you’ll hear lots of laughing in the background and even some comments. Interested in having us record an episode with you and your friends? We’ll do it! Contact us and let’s get planning!


If you’ve been following our Facebook and Instagram live broadcasts, you could probably have guessed that Alison’s obsession is her new microbladed brows that she got from Emily Hedrick! Emily let Alison go live on our social media during the procedure, so a) get your brows from her if you can get to Tampa Bay, and b) tell her we sent you! The process is more complex than you would think, but Alison walks us through it. Lulu’s obsession is pretty old-school — that Shazam app that most of us have known for a while. She even tests it out. Spoiler alert: Shazam can’t recognize Lulu’s drunken rendition of “Mars” from Holst’s The Planets. Also, pick something a little more maintream, Lulu.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

If “it’s an Instagram filter for your butt” doesn’t make you want to buy Spanx leggings, then nothing will. Alison is super into the easy glam-ness of them and hopes to try them soon. Lulu’s wishlist is all about ease as well: elastic laces like these! She hates tying shoes. Or buckling shoes. And don’t get them started on zippers.


Alison is whisking us off to Andorra (not to be confused with Endora)! Andorra is a principality between France and Spain. First of all, Alison finds out it’s one of the safest countries in the world, so we are SET for this 10k day. She settles in at Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa in a mountain view suite. She even does breakfast at the hotel restaurant Origen, which has a tasting menu — for breakfast. That’s pretty fancy, people. They’re not sure what kind of breakfast this might be. Lulu is hoping for fourteen types of benedicts. Let’s say that’s what it is. So far, this Andorra place is looking like 10k heaven.

Alison gets a car and driver from Daytrip to help her navigate Andorra. She’s definitely going to need some trunk space, because Andorra is the land of tax-free shopping! Clearly, Alison’s gonna suit up. She heads to the giant shopping complex Pyrénées, where they have an outfit of the month. And since Alison’s there and loves to purchase imaginary things on her imaginary luxury travel days to put in her imaginary closet in her imaginary life, she decides to collect three of their monthly outfits.

Where do you lunch when you look like a million bucks? Well, if you’re in Andorra, a borda, which is a traditional barn converted into a restaurant. Alison takes us to La Borda de les Pubilles, but you can find other bordas on this page. After lunch (and an outfit change à la an Oscars host), she takes some time to relax at Caldea, a natural spring complex with several water features. In fact, it’s the largest thermal spa complex in Europe. Lulu gets really excited when Alison says it’s open until midnight. Midnight! You can watch the stars… in a hot spring… at midnight. Hello, Andorra.

After another quick change (Alison really should have hired a dresser for this day), it’s time for dinner at Kökosnøt, which Alison and Lulu absolutely do not know how to pronounce (and it’s not for lack of trying). She eats there, but finishes her evening at the ski resort Pas de la Casa, where she finds a bar that — wait for it — you can ski directly into. It’s a ski-in, ski-out bar! And even though the way the girls think this happens is probably not right, we’re not going to Google it and ruin their delight.


Lulu starts off in grand style by renting a gorgeous house (no, really, check out this link) with beautiful views, stunning architecture, and a waterfall entrance. Sure, it’s too big for one person. But it’s a 10k day! Live a little! Her first meal in Bogotá is at Hibiscus Café, where she gets a traditional Colombian breakfast of aguapanela (hot sugarcane juice) and local cheese. Traditionally, the cheese is melted into the hot drink and eaten with a spoon. Lulu guesses it’s like a sweet French onion soup. That probably isn’t the best description.

Souvenir time! Lulu buys some handmade maracas from Jorge Aguilar (you can see a snippet of him demonstrating some basic maracas technique here — we’re not sure what this video is for, but we’re linking to it). Maybe she can store them in Alison’s imaginary clothes closet?

And now it’s time to rent a car, and she goes all in with a bulletproof car from Diplomat Armored Rental! And when we say “all in,” we mean she gets a bulletproof… Kia Carnival. Hey, you never know when you want to keep a low profile. A really, really, really low profile.

Lunch is at Misia, and then Lulu decides to float on the Lake of Guatavita, where El Dorado, the golden city, is rumored to lie. Lulu’s logic goes from golden-city-on-the-bottom-of-the-lake to creating some sort of golden fantasy, um, rap video situation. It involves a gold bikini top and bottom from Versace, gold Jimmy Choo sunglasses, a gold pool float shaped like a goose (seriously, what is happening here?), Tom Ford shimmering body oil in rose gold, and a gold and white Bluetooth speaker. However, not any gold and white Bluetooth speaker. The Devialet Gold Phantom bluetooth speaker which costs almost three thousand dollars. #10k, right?

After spending that much on a speaker, a tasting menu seems like a walk in the park. Lulu finishes her day with dinner at Leo, which may have been crafted, actually, in a park, since the menu includes “lemongrass-scented rainforest ants” and “delicate wild rodent meat.” Let’s do this.




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