Suffolk County, UK + Amangiri

This is the May Youtube Companion Episode, which even if you already listened on your commute, you should watch as well, because according to Alison - "we are even more entertaining when you watch us!"

In other news, we are going to be in in Philadelphia at the Respect Podcast Festival on August 24th and 25th, and then on September 6th and 7th we'll be in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference. We'd love to connect with our listeners in these cities, so if you will be around hit us up on the Bae page and let’s make some plans!

Real exciting stuff here guys. We are doing a GIVEAWAY! You guys know we talk about our favorite obsessions each week, right? Well we are going to put together a box of some of our favorite obsessions, and YOU could win it! Here’s some of what’s going to be inside:

You can enter the contest by doing any and all of the following!:

Make sure you tag us, so that we see your entry! - @10KDollarDay

We will announce the winner live on social media when we are on our trip to Sweden the first week of June. Stay tunes to #10KVacayStockholm to see all the goings on of our trip!


Alison is obsessed with Sunny Culture Sparkling Probiotic Drinks. It's made in St. Pete, FL where she lives. She had one and was enjoying it so much that she shared it on her Instagram story. You know how it goes, she tagged them, they shared her story to their story, she got excited, started following them. Fast forward a few weeks and they do a giveaway. She wins it! So she has two cases in her fridge at home, though seems hesitant to share the ones she bought for show and tell with Lulu. We go on and on about how awesome Sunny Culture is. Follow them, and maybe try some too! Lulu is obsessed with a dress she saw when she went to a gala at Universal Orlando. An acquaintance of Lulu's, Jenny, made her own dress from pages of Harry Potter printed on fabric. It looked like pages were falling off of her, and Lulu can’t stop thinking about it!

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison is wishing for an inversion table, this one even has heat and massage built in! We think she should get that one, especially since the person she knows who has one she doesn't really feel like hanging out with, and says so, out loud, while recording the podcast. Sorry 'bout that! Lulu wishes for Magic Spoon cereal. It's a high protein, low-net carb AKA keto-friendly cereal, that is supposed to taste just as good as normal cereal. You have to buy a pack of 3 boxes though, and it's $40, Lulu says. That's just too much when she doesn't know if she will like it. Since we are on a contest kick, someone tell her that if you go to their website, there is a pop up window to enter daily for a chance to win a month's supply of cereal! Alison just won those cases of Sunny Culture, Ash won a handbag in an Instagram giveaway last year, so this winning streak means its Lulu's turn to win something! Fingers crossed she wins, wouldn't that be wild!?

10K Dollar Day in Suffolk County, UK

This week Lulu is selecting a whole county to visit. Suffolk County is scattered with rural towns, so instead of a hotel stay, Lulu is doing a 10K first, and is getting a bus. Like a band bus she found on His Majesty Coach. The first stop on her drive is to see the Bures Dragon carved into the hill. Local legend says that a dragon was sighted there, though skeptics say it was most likely a crocodile that was kept at the Tower of London but escaped to Bures. Just a quick drive by, maybe a selfie, because she's excited to get to her next stop. Framlingham Castle is where Mary Tudor was proclaimed Queen of England and perhaps just as important (she said completely insincerely), it is the inspiration behind Ed Sheeran's Castle On The Hill. It was also once the home of one of the richest women in England of all time, and as Lulu describes just how rich, the word carcasses is said A LOT. Listen or watch around minute 20.

Lulu takes her band bus and heads to the Red Rooster Festival, which features both R&B and country artists. It “brings the slow-drawling American Deep South lifestyle to idyllic Euston Hall. Owner Harry Grafton, the 12th duke, used to live in Nashville and toured with the Rolling Stones.” Pretty cool, huh?! In addition to her tickets to park her bus and visit the festival, Lulu decides to really up the ante for this festival experience. She buys an outdoor furniture sectional, a steel fire pit, and cashmere blankets from Horchow, basically creating an oasis for her and anyone she meets at the festival. This Hydro Flask cooler tote from Nordstrom is going to keep the ingredients for her favorite cocktail nice and cool. She has Rosie's Gin and Betty's Gin from Heart of Suffolk Distillery, Fever Tree club soda, and of course, limes.

Lulu unhooks her bus from the campground setup, and invites anyone hanging out with her to take a ride over to Milsoms at Kesgrave Hall for dinner. She has a very English meal, starting with Cornish crab mayonnaise (what even is that?), lamb with polenta, and a Bramley apple and oat crumble tart, with rhubarb and custard. How delightful.
teal location 7.PNG

Alison started her "trip planning" as she usually does, with a google search. Her search phrase this week was something along the lines of "best place to go for a once-in-a-lifetime splurge". The result was her selection of Amangiri. The famed resort is known by more than just Kanye’s tweet - “we need to Aman giri the world”. Many celebrities have vacationed here, like the Kardashians and Brangelina (pre-split), so you know its got a hefty price tag. The resort is half an hour from the nearest town and is surrounded by canyons, making this desert oasis as remote as it is luxurious. The resort's spa is 25,000 square feet of heaven with a sauna, steam room, cold-plunge pool, and candlelit treatment rooms. Their rates include all of your meals, use of pools, guided hikes, and daily fitness classes.

Alison is staying in the Desert Pool Suite, which has a private plunge pool and a terrace with a fire pit and daybed, "ideal for star gazing at night". The big selling point for Alison and Lulu is that there are separate toilets. Which they think means there are two toilets. Pretty sure it means that the toilet is in a secluded area separated by a door from the rest of the bathroom. Either way, that is exciting. Alison enjoys all of her included meals at a table by the floor-to-ceiling windows, taking in the Utah desert views while she eats her American Southwest cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. She's especially excited about the ice cream that arrives on cold stones. This is just the base level of offerings at the resort, and her total is $9600. She has just enough for the lowest price spa offering, the Grounding Massage Ritual. And she's done. That’s all of her 10K. Good thing she has all the clothes she took to Tulum last week, so she can try and fit in amidst the celebrity clientele.



10K Dollar Day in Suffolk County, UK and at Amangiri

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