Barcelona, Spain + Dayton, Ohio

There’s another Guest Googler joining the ladies again! Comedian and podcast junkie Rebecca Siegel is sitting in, and it’s definitely a good time. She’s been binge-listening to 10k Dollar Day, and she asks us about the infamous vacuum we mention in past episodes. Did you know it’s the number one thing we get asked about by people catching up on the podcast? If you want to catch up, here’s the original vacuum episode, and here’s an episode where Guest Googler Vanessa Ray asks for our first update.

Rebecca is an accomplished improviser (she even teaches classes, and you can see her perform at SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando!), and a pretty in-depth conversation about improvisation techniques and women in comedy leads us to wonder why some people think that women can’t be funny. Or why funny can’t be feminine. Whoa. Lulu gets super passionate about it (surprise, surprise) …

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Alison NEEDS us all to know about Thinx. Well, she needs the female listeners to know, at least. She thinks they must use some NASA technology, because they seem pretty magical. At the time of this writing, no word yet from the space program as to whether they’ve shifted their focus to to creating these panties, but we’ll keep on eye on this for you. Lulu can’t get enough of the Podcoin app, a new podcast player that gives you credits for listening to podcasts, which you can use for stuff OR to donate to charity! It kind of sounds like the perfect partner for 10k Dollar Day! Download it and use “10kdollarday” as your reference code so they know we sent you! Rebecca is obsessed with The Challenge, an MTV reality show. Don’t you think Alison and Lulu would be great contestants? (They’re not on board. But we are.) Not only does Rebecca catch every episode, but she contributed a rap to the podcast Challenge Mania. And don’t worry, she does the rap for us. A little of it is included in this episode, and the entire rap is going to be available to some of our Patreon members (and you can become one pretty easily — check out our campaign site for details!).


Alison wishes for good skin. She hates having to change her skin routine every so often — and we get it! There’s a reason that so many of our obsessions and wishlists involve skincare. Even in our very first episode, Lulu was obsessed with Drunk Elephant Lalo Retro Whipped Cream moisturizer, and we haven’t stopped searching for great products. Lulu adds LG laundry detergent sheets to her wishlist — sounds perfect for city-dwellers who don’t have laundry in their houses or apartments! Rebecca brings the wishlist back to glam by wishing for Gypsy Shrine biodegradable glitter. We gotta book tickets to a festival, stat.

navy location 1.png

Rebecca takes us to Barcelona, which she visited as a student, but now she wants to visit with a grown-up budget. She sets up camp at El Palace, which has hosted tons of celebrities AND has a pillow menu. Breakfast is at Eat My Trip, and her description of french toast might make your mouth water.

One of the things Rebecca loves about Barcelona is the Gaudi architecture everywhere and the gorgeous spaces in the city. She makes sure to take a Gaudi tour that includes attractions like Park Güell, the Basilica de Sagrada Familia, and Casa Battló. Here’s the thing — she’s been to all these places, but she wants to redo her old photos — she’s got to get them now that she has — in her own words — glowed up! So in a super 10k move, she hires a photographer to recreate some of her memories — just in a super fashionable way. She finds some fantastic Spanish designers and creates a perfect photo shoot look.

Rebecca’s photo shoot look:

Clearly, a photo shoot like this will work up a girl’s appetite! So she heads to Can Solé and has a fantastically Spanish lunch including anchovies (yes, the room is divided on this, but you probably expected that).

Remember when we said Rebecca’s been binge-listening to the podcast? Well, she’s clearly picked up some tips, because her next activity is to take a plane to Madrid. Her favorite director is Pedro Almodóvar, and he sets many of his films in Madrid, so she decides to see those places in real life (well, real life in an imaginary travel day, but you know what we mean). She purchases a guidebook from Amazon, downloads his movies from iTunes, and sets off.

Rebecca’s Almodóvar tour:

She decides to stay in Madrid for dinner, and this film buff sups at Viridiana — named after another Spanish film. Her Spanish dinner includes gazpacho and local seafood. She then flies back to Barcelona to end her day. Casual, right?

Want more Barcelona, 10k style? You can actually watch Episode 32, “I Was Not Shooting a Porn!” on YouTube — it was our very first YouTube episode!

navy location 2.png

Alison gets her Midwest groove on by bringing us to Dayton, Ohio! She rents The Balsley House, a historic home from 1877 with six bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms, three floors, a sauna… everything you need for a relaxing stay. To up her Dayton celeb status, she doesn’t just get a car service — she goes to Callahan’s Premium Car Service — one that has a security detail! Alison is going to strut around the rest of the day with big sunglasses and a hat, with her bodyguard in tow, and enjoy the murmurs as people try to figure out who she is.

Breakfast is at Ghostlight Coffee, which features beer-infused bagels (in case you needed further proof that this keto thing definitely didn’t last for Alison). Then she brings her security guard to Cowvin’s Corny Maze, and they play games in the maze! It’s normally not open at this time of the year, but she offers the family that runs it some extra cash to let her in off-season. 10k, peeps. 10k.

Next up, Alison (and the bodyguard) visit The Children’s Discovery Garden, and then head to dinner at Coldwater Cafe. She buys out the chef’s table. Rebecca and Lulu convince her to let the bodyguard take one of the seats to finish out the night.