Hong Kong + Daytona Beach

We are here in your headphones, and have a unique set-up this week that we try to explain for you, you be the judge if our explanation makes any sense. We just got back from the Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando, where we got to meet so many other podcasters, learned a bunch from break out sessions, and got to put faces to our very awesome hosting service - Buzzsprout. While we were at Podfest we got to meet and interview Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, and you can check out that interview here. We had so much fun doing this quick little interview that we decided to start a weekly series called #10KSaturday! It's a 15-minute-or-less mini-episode with a guest! You can check them out on the listen page of our website, or wherever you get podcasts!


Alison is obsessed with dry shampoo. And either she has talked about this on the podcast before, or maybe she just talks about it all the time in real life. Lulu asks her if she has a favorite, to which she replies that they all work for her so no, she doesn't. But wait, okay if she had to pick one favorite, it would be the Bed Head Rockaholic. Which she has mentioned on the podcast before. So clearly, that's a solid recommendation! Lulu is obsessed with MX Tacos in Orlando, which her and Alison just had today. Like right before recording. And while she loves tacos, this particular spot takes the cake. Also they have fruit flavored waters. Lulu loves the watermelon, while Alison was a fan of the pineapple. If you visit Orlando go check them out, and in the meantime you can follow their instagram for pictures that will curb your Mexican food cravings, momentarily anyways.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison's prefaces her wishlist with the caveat that she knows it's going to sound funny. She wants Wash Balls. Alison tries to describe what these Crystal Wash laundry balls are made of by naming every element along with "rock...and sand...and plants...". In her defense, the actual description is not much clearer. "Bio Ceramics" are what make these balls deep clean and disinfect your clothing for up to 1000 washes. Something about it making the water more alkaline and creating a natural hydrogen peroxide effect. Seeing as a 1000 washes could last one person at least three years, I'd say it’s worth giving this nondescript natural product a try. Lulu's wishlist is a previous obsession. She has previously been on a flight where she had a lie-down seat, but on her flight to Hong Kong tonight, she is as economy as economy gets.

10K Dollar Day in Hong Kong

So Lulu is actually going to Hong Kong for work, but sadly is not doing any of these things. She planned the trip she wishes she was taking for her 10K Day. In her Hong Kong dreams she is staying in the Upper Suite of The Upper House. It's a corner suite with incredible views of the bay. Oh and it has a dual temperature wine fridge...to keep your reds AND your whites at optimal temperatures. Lulu just read an article about how we've all been drinking red wine incorrectly. Apparently while not as chilled as white wine, it is supposed to be a little chilled. Where did she hear this? Well, you know we like to talk about things we don't really know about, so if you happen to know anything about this, hit us up on the 10K Dollar Baes group page. Lulu gets a Tesla through Blacklane, which she loves to "imaginarily" use because the rental includes car and driver.

First up for her day is brunch at Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton. In true bougie-brunch loving form, Lulu queries Alison she "loves brunch at a Ritz...have you ever been?". No, no we have not. Do tell, Lulu. She has all the fancy brunch-y things - oysters, foie gras terrine, lobsters, wagyu beef, and free-flowing Dom Perignon. After brunch, she heads to anger-management, stress-reducing activity Ikari Area. It's a place filled with old washing machines, fridges, tvs, general junk piles basically, and you are given protective gear and a bat. Then you go to town. Are you kidding me?!? This sounds amazing and like something everyone should do. Save some therapy money and just go break a bunch of stuff. Lulu makes the most of her time here and then heads for a snack at Expresso. She grabs some of the popular Lord Stow’s Egg tarts and some Portuguese egg tarts while she's at it. Rejuvenated, but still energized, Lulu continues on her "let's-get-out-any-and-all-aggression" kick and heads to Lights Out. It is an immersive boxing club that looks like a nightclub. DJ music, visual cues projected onto the walls, aqua punching bags, neon lights. Lulu and her Everlast Star-print leather boxing gloves are going to fit right in.

While in Hong Kong, Lulu really wants to go get a lucky cat. Someone on the internet referred her to Lucky cat on Lee Tung Avenue. They even gave directions on how to get there. The posting was even made within the past year. However a quick Google searched revealed that this spot is permanently closed. We bet if you go shopping in the Wan Chai area, you will find something good, like the $2000 lucky cat Lulu got. Now for dinner Lulu heads to Lung King Heen at the Four Seasons, which is on the World’s 50 best restaurants 2019. She does the Chef's Pairing with wine, which includes crispy scallops, simmered king prawn, and wok-fried lobster with lily bulbs, to name a few of the delectable dishes. After that incredible dinner, Lulu heads to The Old Man an Ernest Hemingway-themed bar that was on World's 50 Best Bars 2018. If you sit at the bar, there is a gold cooling strip that will keep your drink chilled for longer. How incredible is that? And wait 'til you hear about some of these $11 cocktails. The Snows of Kilimanjaro - marshmallow gin, facto-fermented raspberry and citrus topped with grated gruyere - “the sharp tang of the raspberries and citrus is smoothed out by the gruyere’s saltiness, making the cocktail seem like a liquid cheesecake, without being sickly.” Here's hoping the without being sickly part is true. She also gets The Sun Also Rises - coconut oil fat-washed applejack, curry leaf-infused gin, sweet vermouth, sous-vide pandas leaves and kaffir lime - she's more on board with this one. With these two in her system, she lets the bartender recommend her third one, and then she's out!

10K Dollar Day in Daytona Beach, Florida

Alison's 10K Day is a lot different then Lulu's. A LOT different. She is heading to Daytona Beach Florida for Bike Week. Daytona Bike Week is "the annual motorcycle rally attracts some of the fiercest bikers, clad in leather (and sometimes little else) to celebrate the freedom of the open road." There are concerts, boardwalk activities, go-karts, laser-tag and waterslides. She is going to be so prepared for this, just wait for it. First things first, she has to buy a bike. She heads to her nearby bike shop, St. Pete Power Sports to buy a 2019 Kawasaki Z650. Yes, she's serious. Imaginarily serious, anyways. Her "street born, track inspired" sports bike is black with a "faint hint of green on the underbelly". Now she needs to get geared up. Oh, and she refers to this haul as her "costume". It would be interesting to see what real bikers think of her.

She gets stretch denim motorcycle jeans, a studded leather hip bag with an embroidered skull, an "Open Road Girl" rhinestone studded tank top, and Harley-Davidson Boots (but wait, she didn't buy a Harley...hmmm). Oh and she bought a black leather motorcycle jacket, and went to online shop Iron Thread to get a custom patch for the back of her biker jacket. It's going to be our 10K Dollar Day logo, of course.

She rides the three hours from her home to Daytona Beach, and decides to stay in a Cabana Suite at the Hilton Daytona Beach Resort, which is hosting a lot of Bike Week activities. You gotta be where the action is, am I right? Bike week partnered with Ponce DeLeon Inlet Lighthouse, which she's actually been to in real life! She purchases a Principal Lighthouse Keeper membership, and then decides to cater lunch on the beach for all the other bike week bikers who were touring the lighthouse at the same time she was. She found Hidden Treasure Restaurant and decides to just get whatever their specialties are. Apparently they are extremely skilled as their specialties list is fourteen dishes long. There's gator tail, clam chowder, surf & turf burgers, shrimp & grits, and much, much more. A big picnic table on the beach serves as a buffet table for "all my biker brothers and sisters to nosh on".

There are tons of contests going on during the week, and she decides to enter the Miss Cacklebery Contest, because the winner gets $1000. Then she realized it was a bikini contest. So she gives that a hard pass, and instead decides to give $100 and our business card to the very brave first and second runner-ups. She heads back to the Hilton resort to visit their spa for a hot stone massage. Because if we don't have a spa treatment on our 10K Days, who are we kidding? If we had 10K in real life, it would most certainly include a spa indulgence. For the big finale, Alison heads to American Flat Track, where she gets a President’s Row ticket, which includes a complimentary dinner buffet, a cash bar and premium views of the race.


10K Dollar Day in Hong Kong + Daytona Beach

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