Tuscon, Arizona + Szczecin, Poland

So guys, Alison has lost her voice, so we are releasing our March guest googler episode a few weeks early. We've been trying to do stuff with this guy for a long time, so enjoy this wonderful episode featuring Matt McGee! We are recording at freeFall theater, which is where Matt currently works and where we did our first live show of 10K Dollar Day! Full circle, folks! Alison and Lulu have Keto-brain, while Matt is ready for some pizza or something deep fried. Cue visions of carbs and sugar for the girls. Also cue the punny innuendos that are going to give us way too many options for an episode title. "Tap that App" being a solid runner-up. Catching up, chatting about knowing each other forever, and comparing yourself as a performer are the topics du jour for these companions. Matt opens up about his career as a performing artist, and how he found a place in drag as The Marvelous Mrs. McGee.


Alison reaches into her bag of tricks to pull out her obsession, Baken-Ets Hot & Spicy Pork Rinds. Yes, she's serious. Hey, they're a keto replacement for chips. Lulu is obsessed with her trumpet lessons. You may recall that a few months back that her wishlist was that she could play jazz trumpet. She is on the music directing team of a show where they have to teach someone eight bars of trumpet. She has been told that her lips aren't right for playing trumpet, but she's excited to even say she can play just a little bit. Matt is obsessed with the Netflix show Slobby's World. It's a show by Slobby Robby, founder of Generation Cool. Think American Picker's but for people obsessed with 80's and 90's pop culture. "He's a business man, and a real character", says Matt. Well if that doesn't sell you on it...then it didn't. But go watch at least one episode anyways. Because aren't we all looking for a new show to binge?

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison wishes for the Vera Mona Color Switch Solo, it's a sponge in a tin for removing eyeshadow color from your brush, so that you can use the same brush for a new color. Oh and it self cleans as makeup sifts through to the bottom of the container. Pretty nifty! Matt is wishing for $10,000. Wait, you don't get given 10K for being on the show? He could use it to help him out of a bit of a situation. The situation being while in a track suit and full face he backed into a police car. True story. Okay if he can't have that, he would love some home improvements around the house. And by that he means he wants to pay someone to do home improvements. Somehow we get on to Keto (like every episode from here on out so long as Alison and Lulu are both on the diet). Matt brings up the Keto Test Strips , it tests to see if you are actually in ketosis, and we just love how Matt declares "Keto is just Atkins, people!" Back to wishes, Lulu wishes she would remember to pin her socks together when she puts them in the wash. You'd never have lonely socks again!!

10K Dollar Day in Tucson, Arizona

Lulu is headed to Tucson, and actually not really, because she is making a dream come true by heading to a wellness resort. Lulu expresses extreme excitement about her stay at Canyon River Ranch. Which is an outdoor adventure retreat center. What she means is that she is heading to Canyon Ranch, which some of you may recall as the place that the moms in gossip girl were always escaping to when they'd had a bad hair day. Lulu is over the moon about the cell-phone free campus, complete with gardens, fountains, and meditations spaces. Her luxury one-bedroom corner suite has a sound machine, a pillow menu, and a washer and dryer. Alison is excited by the mention of a private patio, because anytime there is a private area mentioned in our days, she immediately goes to "you can be naked then!". So we know what her 10K dreams are made of.

Lulu needs a few things to bring with her, specifically she is excited about this “Don’t talk to me, I’m on a cleanse” tee. She starts her day with a private creative workshop, which involves a pottery wheel and an instructor that looks just like Patrick Swayze. Just kidding, but what if?!? Next Lulu decides to commit to the emotional and physical cleansing this wellness resort offers, and buys some items for her time of introspection. Some posh journaling materials are the ticket, so she gets the Smythson of Bond Street "Portobello" journal, and of course gets personalized embossing on it. An $1800 Mont Blanc StarWalker fountain pen is also purchased, it has its own serial number and you get a free personalization service. We'd hope so, at such a steep price tag! Talk about L-U-X-U-R-Y. Attempting to recover from the sticker shock, there’s a caveat softly spoken…"the pen is mightier than the sword". After her time spent journaling, Lulu feels that the next step in her mental cleansing is to handwrite notes to her friends and family expressing gratitude and love. So she buys 300 personalized notecards from Smythson that read “why you make me happy”. A quick stop for the 300 stamps needed to send them is followed by an impulse Amazon purchase of heart confetti to put inside. Alison said only mean people do that, because it gets everywhere. Lulu counters that the size of the heart confetti makes it cheeky, only slightly annoying, but not mean. We’ll see how those 300 recipients feel.

10K Dollar Day in Szczecin, Poland

Pronunciations are always difficult, but this one is a doozy. Luckily we have a guest googler to look up how to pronounce Szczecin. It sounds a lot like Streisand to the girls, as in Barbara Streisand. They are here for that. So first things first in Streisand, Poland, Alison rents a Mercedes through AutoEurope , which takes her to her Airbnb, the ODSAPKA cottage in Zieleniewo near Miedwie lake. Lake Miedwie is one of the largest lakes in Poland, and is touted as a destination for lovers of active leisure. Lulu states that she prefers leisure activity. Tomato, ToMAHto, right? No? No...this is a spot for windsurfing, kitesurfing, hiking, and cycling. Alison heads for breakfast at Bajgle Króla Jana, which has some incredible bagels flavors like black cumin. They also serve true pastrami and a really good cup of coffee.

Next she heads for a private tour of the Underground Routes of Szczecin, whose tagline reads - "because it's more than a museum, it's like a good movie...". It's a secret underground route from World War II, and is touted as a fascinating and thrilling experience. Click on that link to see the website, but forewarning open with Google Chrome so that it will translate the website for you. Now here's how she makes this trip a 10K Day - she specifically selected this location so she could visit the Crooked Forest. It’s an area of the woods in Western Poland where the trees are slightly tilted in the most peculiar fashion. Some people think they were trained to grow that way to use for boats and furniture, while others think it has to do with a gravitational pull. Lulu votes that it is the gravitational pull, because she likes to visit Sedona, Arizona, as does our producer Ash, and they have discussed on multiple occasions the interesting twists and turns of Juniper trees near what are called energy vortexes in the area. Lulu gives a quick description of this geomagnetic-metaphysical-what have you phenomena, and then we're back to discussing the Crooked Forest of Streisand. Alison wants to have a high end dinner in the middle of the forest, surrounded by all the crooked trees. Sounds magical, right? She looks for the most luxurious restaurant in Poland, and thanks to Google discovers Wierzynek, which aims to display "the royal art of feasting". She orders the food and researches how she can have it delivered. This restaurant is a six hour drive from where she is, so she hires her private guide from the underground route tour, pays him to take a 2 hour flight, sends him with a Carlisle's Cateraide 5-pan capacity food carrier to keep the food hot, and he should get back in just enough time for her to have a sunset dinner. Her magical meal consists of caviar, foie gras, crayfish soup, saddle of deer, and an almond mousse. Those incredible dishes will be set out on a beautifully staged tablescape by Pracownia Wielkie Rzeczy, a full service design company she's hoping can make some carpeting and lanterns make her meal look like it could be on a magazine cover. She also had her driver stop by a winery of his choice, anything he could find en route, with $500 in hand and the instruction to "go crazy and buy whatever, I'll drink anything". Who doesn't want this extravagant experience? She does have $1800 left at the end of her day, so Matt suggests she hire an interpreter to have gone about her day with her. The reality is she could make this a staple of her day, but for sure should include this when any Slavic languages are involved.



10K Dollar day in Tucson, Arizona + Szczecin, Poland

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