Yosemite, California + Newberg, Oregon

This week the ladies discuss their experiences with Mamma Mia the musical, Lulu is just wrapping up her run, and Alison will be doing the show in April. Alison talks about her jaunt to Miami for a quick working getaway. They have other travel news as well - drumroll please! - 10K Dollar Day is going on a real vacation to Stockholm, Sweden! We will probably use a hashtag like #10KVacayStockholm or something so you can follow along. We’ll let you know! Lulu actually did a 10K Day in Stockholm, which you can read about here. We obviously won’t have 10K to spend in real life, but here’s hoping that we get to do one of the luxe things she mentioned! Fingers crossed!


You will think Alison's obsession is pretty mundane, as it's an everyday use item for most people. While she also uses them, she has rediscovered the amazing qualities and uses of Ziploc® bags. Yes, that's right. She has so many foods in her fridge now expertly sorted à la mise en place, her makeup has been sorted by their different uses. It's just a whole new organizing game to her and she is winning. Lulu's obsession is having a cocktail every night. I mean, who doesn't love a nightcap? Rather than going to the bar every night, she purchased all the ingredients she needs to make her "Come-Home Cocktail" of gin, pineapple seltzer, and lime. Saving money and savoring the moment? Yes, girl. Yes.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison wishes she could sew. Not because she actually wants to learn. She went to a craft store and got everything she needed to sew. To clarify, she bought a little handheld sewing machine, which costs less than $15, and is of such poor quality they are essentially made to fall apart. She was trying to do something with tools destined to fail. So this isn't really her fault. Lulu wishes for a shopping spree at The Art of Style, a boutique she found in Raleigh, North Carolina. She loves boutique shopping, as we know from her previously mentioned obsession with boho-casual Nashville boutique Vinnie Louise. She also wishes for tailoring, as she is finally convinced of its virtues after having a dress she bought at The Art of Style fit to her.

10K Dollar Day in Yosemite, California, USA

Yosemite is in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, where Lulu finds the luxurious Chateau du Sureau. She stays in their completely private 2,000 square foot Villa Sureau that comes with an outdoor spa. Lulu grabs a simple breakfast at Tangled Hearts Bakery - she's going to make her whole 10K Day Keto-friendly - and then does some shopping before her day can really begin. It's always interesting to hear Lulu's shopping list before she explains what the items will be used for. This week is no exception, as she begins her day by buying a professional tactical flashlight, Merrell® Sugarbush Waterproof Leather Boots, and a silk thermal long johns and top set. Whatever could she be using these things for?

Well first things first, she gets a 14 oz steak and steamed vegetables at Majestic Yosemite Hotel, oh and a bottle of wine because wine is allowed on the Keto diet! Woo-hoo! Now that Lulu is satiated she sets out on an adventure on which she'll need her shopping haul. She went to Yosemite specifically at this time of the year, because you can see Firefall, where the setting sun hits Horsetail Fall at just the right angle to look like it's on fire! You have to hike a mile through the snow, hence the flashlight, boots, and thermal underwear. Lulu hires a guide through YFA Guides that offers Firefall tours and stargazing tours, so of course she spend a large sum of money to get them to combine the two. And if you don't have the moolah to hire such a guide on such a trip, Alison suggests checking out this stargazing app. After the sun has set and the stars have been gazed upon, Lulu hikes back to the hotel to do a 5-course tasting menu with wine pairing at Erna’s Elderberry House. She's hoping that if she gives them enough notice, they will make a keto-friendly aka a nearly-carb-free meal for her.

10K Dollar Day in Newberg, Oregon, USA

Alison heads to this spot in Oregon wine country known as the Willamette Valley, which is home to over 500 wineries and is recognized as one of the leading producers of Pinot Noir in the world. She is very excited to be staying at her namesake, The Allison Inn & Spa. While an indoor swimming pool and fireplaces are great, Alison decided to up the ante and book the deluxe king suite. Among many features and perks, the bed-like window seat and the six seat dining table have her extremely excited. This is the kind of room you don't want to leave. But because she will eventually leave the room, she gets first class black car service from Blacklane.

Breakfast is at the hotel restaurant, Jory, and Alison is eager to try their unique take on eggs benedict. Both Alison and Lulu take a moment to exclaim how fond they are of eggs benedict. This one comes with braised kale and griddled pugliese. Wait, what is pugliese? Neither Alison or Lulu know, but don't care because did we say they love eggs benedict? It's an Italian bread similar to ciabatta, by the way.

Alison would be over the moon to visit any wine country, tbh, but for this week, it's Oregon's, and she's stoked about the experiences she has found to do there. First is a balloon adventure tour with a champagne brunch AND a multi-stop winery visit. Throughout this tour Alison enjoys the tips from her personal sommelier, who educates her on how to develop a more discerning palate. And by personal sommelier we mean, personal, because Alison bought out this six-person tour. Oh and you need to hear Alison try to pronounce sommelier. It does not sound like this. Up for another adventure, Alison heads out on a Drift Boat Fishing Tour, complete with a personal guide, boat, fishing poles, and they will even take care of getting your fishing license for you.

Now Alison heads back to the Allison, to visit their spa. She loves their slogan - "we have your back. literally" - she just really connects with it. While meant to be a pun, apparently it can really resonate. She takes those high-frequency love vibes and heads in to her mimosa massage. Yes, its called the mimosa massage. Probably because of the champagne oil used, and who knew that was a thing? While she's at it, she get's their divine wine treatment, which is a nourishing honey and wine mask, followed by a radiance-boosting serum and a grapeseed moisturizer. Feeling pampered and oh so pretty, Alison goes for dinner at the hotel restaurant's chef's table experience that sounds divine, and with a minimum price tag of $1200, it helps her get closer to her goal of 10K. As her evening comes to an end, she realizes she can get in-room spa services. So she gets her third spa service of the day, a 90-minute massage fire-side. Toasty and tired, she takes the ten steps to her king-size bed and goes straight to sleep. Ahhhhhh.


10K Dollar Day in Yosemite, California + Newberg, Oregon

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