Stockholm, Sweden + Little Harvest Caye, Belize

We are so excited about our first youtube companion episode of the year! That's right, on the second Wednesday of every month, you can choose to watch us record the podcast live. It's fun to see all the interaction and antics. And there are usually props. This time it's leftover prosecco from New Year's. Alison had planned to use it to make mimosas on New Years Day, you know, hair-of-the-dog and all. But a crazy New Year's Eve resulted in a New Year's Day declaration that she will never drink alcohol again. We'll see how long tat one lasts. Oh wait, she's drinking the prosecco while recording this episode so it lasted a week. Here's to hoping your New Year's was amazing! Cheers!


Alison is obsessed with her organized closet. Over the holidays our producer Ash was in town and helped her declutter. Some style tips and inspiration, and a lot of narrowing down Marie Kondo-style proved to be super helpful. Now she just needs those pretty and functional velvet no-slip hangers. Lulu is obsessed with her new quip toothbrush. It's an electric toothbrush that sponsors nearly every podcast out there, except this one. She paid for it, and is happy to have. Between the auto-ship brush replacement feature, the travel cover, and the two-minute timer, her teeth are in hygiene heaven. Alison is sold when she tells her it comes in multiple colors, including her favorite - rose gold.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison is wishing for the Voloom hair styling tool. It kind of looks like a crimper, but it adds volume to thin hair like no other. Flat hair to fabulous hair, I mean, who isn't wanting that? Lulu wishes that fingernails grew as slowly as toenails, which, ewww, talking about toenails, but listen, she has a good reason. She hates that she needs a manicure long before she needs her next pedicure. It's so inconvenient. if she could just always need them at the same time. Don't think this wish has any chance of coming true, because, well, biology, but you never know! A girl can dream!

10K Dollar Day in Stockholm, Sweden

Alison is convinced we've done a 10K Day here before, she knows she's been thinking about Stockholm recently. It is because Lulu is wanting to go there for her birthday IRL in a few months. Fingers crossed! So the research for her day doubled as research for her hopefully upcoming trip. Did you know that Stockholm is a city made up of 14 different islands? Another interesting fact is that they have WiFi e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. They are also ranked high on the happiness index, likely due to the wifi availability.. Oh and probably the paternity leave. "Sweden knows whats up", Lulu says. Perhaps she'll extend her birthday trip into a relocation. We'll see! Lulu stays at Ett Hem, a mansion in Sweden that is now divided into 12 rooms. There are round the clock snacks in the kitchen and babysitting services. In the corner of the living room is the "honesty bar", where you can make your own cocktail and just leave a little money. So trusting. Wow, Sweden! After breakfast at the house, pardon me, mansion, she heads to Swedish Hasbeens. They are bringing back the clog, but with a modern flair. She buys a pair of boots AND a pair of sandals. If you are one to go to IKEA just for the meatballs, then you will be happy with Lulu's choice for lunch - Meatballs For the People. They have a small, rotating menu, and Lulu decides to go with their weekly special, which might have been the cockerel ones. Next she heads out on a vintage shopping tour guided by Fräulein Frauke, Sweden's biggest burlesque star. Lulu is stoked! After a day of shopping and inevitable friendship, Lulu decides to take one of her burlesque workshops.

In January, the span of daylight is 8:15-3:15, so with only 6 hours of sunlight, Lulu is fighting the urge to take a nap. She rallies and heads to Tweed for a drink. The library style bar has armchairs that you can reserve, so obviously Lulu has one waiting for her. She wants to make friends, so she orders all kinds of apps for everyone in the bar. Hearing her list all these delicious dishes has us drooling. Drinks and apps for $200, friendships made - priceless. She has had a lot of drinks, and she needs to help her voice for her next activity. So she gets the Mypurmist Handheld Steam Inhaler, and some Grether’s Pastilles, you know the fancy lozenges professional performers use. She can't use tap water in her Mypurmist, so she gets the Bling h20 The Ten Thousand bottle of water. It costs $2700 as it is embellished with 10,000 Swarovski crystals. Lulu reads some of the reviews about this water, playing a game of true-or-false as to whether these reviews are real. She even reads some in a British accent. There's that. We still don't know what activity she's preparing for, but Alison is not surprised she bought this Loro Piana cashmere/silk blend scarf from Neiman Marcus. She has to protect her throat, apparently. She also hires four violinists. What could this all be leading up to?! Before she reveals her secret activity, she heads out for The Walking Dinner. It's a progressive dinner from a wine bar, to three restaurants, and ending at Tweed, where she visited earlier. She does the early dinner so that she can be in the Lappis area of town by 10pm. It's a student housing area, and every Tuesday at 10pm, everyone goes outside and screams. It's called the Lappis Scream and its to relieve stress! The four violinists come in here, as she wants them to play horror movie music along with her and the others making primal screams. Sign us up!

10K Dollar Day in Little Harvest Caye, Belize

Alison is actually planning on taking this trip IRL too. We are clearly starting off the year with big travel dreams! She found this 1.5 acre private island off the coast of Belize that is an all-inclusive dream. You have a boat and driver at your disposal, and are only a short twenty-minute boat ride away from Belize. There are five private bedroom suites and the main living/entertainment area is an open-air room with a pool and a bar. There is full-time, on-site staff in their own detached housing, including a chef, a concierge, and housekeepers. You get to create the menu for the entire stay, and have all of your food and drinks waiting upon your arrival. You have a reservation specialist who can help you arrange transportation, provide a liquor and wine delivery, and schedule tours and excursions. She decides to take a drive through the villages of Belize to Xunantunich Mayan temples (Mayan for “Maiden of the Rock”). You then ride across the Mopan River on one of the country’s last of two-hand cranked river ferries. Across the river, the tallest of the ruins stand at approximately 130 feet high, the second tallest Mayan ruin in Belize-offering a panoramic view of San Ignacio and nearby towns in Guatemala and the River below. All that for only $106 per person. Oh and she forgot to mention that she invited nine other people to join her. AND she is paying for their food and activities! Amazing! Lulu and Ashley made the cut, and she's thinking she'll do a raffle to see which 10K Dollar Baes get to join in on the fun!

Now the group heads to Actun Tunichil Muknal, which is rated by the Discovery Channel as the number one Sacred Cave in the world. Only accessible by swimming across a spring-fed pool, contains hundreds of relics which have lain undisturbed for more than a millennia. At the far end of the cave lie the bones of more than a dozen men, women, and children who were ritually slaughtered by the ancient Mayans. Alison is incredibly excited about this Indiana Jones-style excursion. This excursion includes lunch, by the way. Continuing on her generous streak, Alison buys dinner for everyone at Rumfish y vino - a "gastro-bar" offering international fusion fare with a Belizean twist. She gets the peruvian ceviche, rumfish burgers, shrimp croquettes, and of course many bottles of prosecco. After our delicious dinner and a day of rigorous activities, Alison treats everyone to a stress recovery back & shoulder massage at Siripohn's Thai Massage. We end the day playing games and chilling by the shore of our private island. Not bad.



10K Dollar Day in Stockholm, Sweden + Little Harvest Caye, Belize

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