Irvington, New York + Palawan, Philippines

Alison and Lulu are recording while having a girl's night with their friend Melanie, and they are two bottles of wine in, so you may hear a third voice from time to time. They didn’t know they’d be this blissed out on wine while recording when they researched their locations, but both Alison and Lulu’s 10K Days are very chill. And we’re here for it.


Lulu is obsessed with Dark Mode in Mojave, Alison thinks she's talking about chocolate, but she is talking about the most recent OS upgrade for Apple. It reverses your apps to a black background with white font, which Lulu says is much easier on her eyes. Are you as into this update as she is? Alison is obsessed with her new deodorant, it's her first time using an aluminum free. She's trying the charcoal and rose versions of Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Sticks.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Lulu wants everything, and she means EVERYTHING from Jet Pens. If you are also an office supply nerd, you will love the selection. Alison wants cooling sheets. Like for your bed. She has been sweating through her PJ's, and she is over being overheated. It may be her current keto diet, but she's going to have to browse Amazon for some new moisture-wicking sheets. These ones should do.

10K Dollar Day in Irvington, New York, USA

This is the truest 10K Day she's ever done, Alison declares. And by that she means that this is EXACTLY what she would do if she had $10,000. She is staying at Villa Nuits, an estate overlooking the Hudson River that is beyond stunning. Trying to pronounce the name with the appropriate accent, the residence ends up being called Vanilla Nuts. Poor pronunciation aside, the girls are excited about this villa as its recent renovations include an exercise room, a billiards parlor, a poker room, a conservatory, a dry sauna, AND a heated outdoor pool. And as a bonus, you may recognize many of the rooms as multiple movies have been filmed there, including The Age of Innocence, The Wilde Wedding, and The Dinner. After looking around the villa and the grounds (online of course, remember, this is imaginary), Alison wonders why she would ever leave this beautiful place to do anything else. SO she doesn't leave. She's bringing everything else about her 10K Day to Villa Nuits. She books a private chef, and she wanted to find the best one she could in New York, so she consulted Travel Noire's guide to the best chefs in the northeast, and decided to go with Chef Abyssinia. Not only is she a renowned culinary artist, she has certifications in pastry arts and wines. Alison heard wine and was sold that this was the chef for her.

She gets an SUV uber for EACH of the friends she's inviting to join her. This is where it gets good. She gets New York makeup artist Ally Martinn to get the girls looking photo shoot ready, or should I say music video shoot ready, because Gregg Monteith is coming along to film them performing...well, Alison hadn't thought that far ahead. Lulu suggests that since there are five of them, they should do a Spice Girls song. They assign roles to each other, and Lulu gets Scary Spice, while Alison is Baby Spice. Mostly because she can make a sound that sounds freakishly like a crying baby. Go to minute 16:44 on the audio player at the top of this post to hear it. You won't be sorry. The shock and laughter at this sound sends the girls into a wine-induced spiral of eagle noises and singing "Wannabe". And that’s all she did. She never left the villa.

10K Dollar Day in Palawan, Philippines

Lulu is excited because we could TOTALLY do this day in real life. On her 10K Day that she hopes turns real, Lulu is headed to Floral Island. It is 6 villas that overlooks a massage hut, features 24-hour solar power, includes all meals, daily housekeeping, and use of snorkeling gear and kayaks. This eco-conscious locale even lets you plant coral! And it is only $458 per night. How doable is that?!? With six villas, so with other guests that cost is so low, of course you just have to pay for a flight to the Philippines. Start saving, guys!

Now, Lulu isn't an avid beach-goer, so she is going to do some serious prep so she can have the kind of beach day on this island that she wants. First things first is obviously an Hermés beach towel, because luxury. Her shopping spree at Amazon resulted in this reclining water float that has a caddy for your phone, book and her new portable bluetooth speaker.

Oh and she bought one hundred and twenty Amazon brand food storage plastic bags to protect her phone, because apparently she's never heard of waterproof phone cases? Because the mosquitos are absolutely insane in this area of the Philippines, she gets bug spray with 98% DEET. She can hear the judgement over the airwaves, but you have to understand her sensitivity to mosquitos and if you've ever traveled to areas of the world where the mosquitos carry malaria, you would know. You may be more inclined to purchase the mosquito repellant you spray on your clothing and bedding. Lulu has previously wished for a personal bubble A/C, and she found the closest thing on Kickstarter, the Coolingstyle. She gets nine of them to keep herself cool all day and all of the night. So if she brought these in real life, her impractical wish for a personal bubble of A/C can actually come true.



10K Dollar Day in Irvington, NY + Palwan, Philippines

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