St. Bart's + Phuket, Thailand

Happy New Year, everybody! And a Happy Anniversary to us here at 10K Dollar Day! In case you are just now finding us, click here to know all about us! Our year has started off with drinking Grove strawberry wine and we are LOVING it. We have also been rocking Puff's Plus Lotion and Vicks facial tissues because Alison is sick and nasally. If you are having a winter cold you HAVE to check those out.


Alison brought her obsession with her for Lulu to try. We already know and love doTerra's On Guard® Essential Oil, but now they make an On Guard® Chocolate Bark that has the essential oil as well as nuts and dried fruit set in chocolate. It is amazing! Lulu is loving the Marco Polo app, which is like a walkie-talkie video situation. It's a great way to stay connected to a group of people.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST

Alison is wishing for a bicycle, like a real bicycle. She feels like she's just not going anywhere...when she works out, that is. She slacks off on a treadmill, but if she had biked a few miles on the trail by her house, she has to get back, so it forces you to finish your workout, right? Lulu reminds her that one of her recent wishlist items was a Peloton stationary bike, so that she didn't have to leave her house to workout. She'll take both, thank you very much. Lulu wants a handwriting bracelet like these from Etsy. She wants to get the Shakespeare monologue "what a piece / of work / is man", in the handwriting of her family members.

10K Dollar Day in St. Bart's

Alison is heading to Pointe Milou, Saint Barthélemy, which she says with excellent pronunciation. It's St. Bart's! She is staying in a 7,000 square foot villa overlooking the ocean that has a path along the cliff down to the edge of the water. Absolutely divine. Instead of renting a car or getting a car service, Alison decides to get an ATV for the day. New year, new way to get around, eh? Don't worry, she keeps safety first and buys this helmet to wear. She found a really unique experience on Airbnb called Feeling Samurai Soul. You change in to a kimono and enjoy a tea ceremony, then learn how to use a "katana" - a traditional Japanese sword - before doing a Zen meditation. If this sounds like an odd choice of activity for St. Bart's, that's because the experience takes place in Tokyo. Alison didn't realize that hitting “experiences” at the top of the Airbnb page took you to ALL the experiences, not just ones in the area you've searched. Oh well! That experience has us wanting to go to Tokyo now too, so you get a double dose of travel inspiration from Alison this week.

Next - in St. Bart's this time - she heads to Le Guanahani, described as a sanctuary for well-being and beauty. Alison indulges in a facial and massage before heading to La Case de L'isle for a brunch of lobster pasta and other gourmet dishes. Alison is very excited about this next part. She's heading to Anse de Grande Saline, the beach that the hardcore sun-junkies will want to seek out. "There is no shade, no beach bar - no amenities at all. Just contented groups of people splayed on the sand like gingerbread men on a baking tray". The excitement wears off as she imagines getting bored very quickly. She decides to get all of the bored, unprepared sunbathers 10K Dollar Day swag bags. She heads to and buys everyone 10K themed t-shirts, umbrellas, sunblock, hats, a pen & notepad, stickers, and a water bottle filled with rum and coke. It's like the "you get a car" Oprah bit but with swag and a side of guerilla marketing. To wrap up her day she heads to dinner at franco-japanese fusion concept restaurant, Orega, and gets the sea bass and a bottle of wine.

10K Dollar Day in Phuket, Thailand

Lulu heads to the largest island in Thailand where she stays at the Iniala Resort. Her beachfront Siam villa booking includes a personal team to assist you including a driver, a butler, a chef, and a housekeeper. It includes all meals, use of the minibar, VIP airport transfers, and a one hour massage each day. You can get that daily massage on a massage bed in your room. Sign us up! Her first stop is a private class at the Phuket Thai Cooking Academy. There she learns how to properly make coconut milk, how to do basic fruit carving, and how to make curry pastes from scratch. She wants to bring the ingredients for the pastes as souvenirs, so she sends her butler to pick up spices from the market. She heads out on the yacht with her personal entourage from the hotel, and along with many interesting top-heavy rock islands, they see James Bond Island.

Lulu looked up the top souvenirs to bring back from Thailand, and we have a 10K Day first here, as she decided to go with the top recommendation - a tattoo. She really did her research on artists and styles, and decided to head to Aussine Tattoo. She got the music notes that correspond to the duet in Hair that features the Shakespearean sonnet she mentioned previously - What a piece of work is man. Lulu goes for dinner at Ka Jok See , a seemingly hole-in-the-wall place that is one of the most popular spots in Phuket. The reason being is that after nine o’clock at night "the fun factor goes through the roof as a camper than camp cabaret kicks in, the mood escalates, shirts are thrown off and absolute party mayhem ensues". She had a long, exciting day, so she decides to get an additional massage in her room at the hotel. I mean, her villa comes with a private masseuse, and a private butler who can go get them at any point for you. So a second massage of the day is happening at 2 am. Sounds excessive? Well you know what they say - "when in thailand...phuket!"


10K Dollar Day in St. Bart's + Phuket, Thailand

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