10K 2018 Wrap-Up!


Hoping everyone had a wonderfully merry Christmas yesterday! We have been enjoying the holidays with family and friends, and hope you have too!

We cannot believe it has been a year since we started this podcast. It’s amazing how far we’ve come, all thanks to you!

To cap off our first year of this journey, we are bringing a special wrap-up episode to you for our last episode of the year! We are going to talk about our favorites from all of our past 52 episodes, and along the way share some highlights and memories from our year with 10K Dollar Day!

Thanks for coming along for the ride with us!

All our love,

Alison + Lulu

Alison Burns + Lulu Picart

Alison’s weekly obsession was oat milk in more than one episode, and she has now made it a part of her everyday life. Lulu’s favorite obsession of the year is TSA Pre-check. It is a game changer for frequent travelers. Her least favorite obsession was Alison’s obsession with dessert hummus. She just can’t get on board…tell us how you feel about it.

Apparently Santa was working year round listening to our wishlists:

Alison and Lulu are both ending the year with new computers, so Santa has been very good to them. Though he did forget the ability to teleport, calorie-free pizza, and the personal bubble of A/C. Maybe next year. Alison is determined to make her favorite wishlist item come true, with or without Santa’s help. She has been wanting to get microblading, and she found the person she wants to do it, PMU Emily Hendrick.

Alison Burns + Lulu Picart

We have so many memories, mishaps, and milestones that come with starting a podcast. When we started this project we were as green as they come. It took us a bit to learn that we needed to have a microphone, or that we had to upload this thing to something called the internet.

At one point Lulu tried to record while on a cruise ship, and Alison tried to record while she was driving. When we started to get serious about this thing, we started to gain some traction. We got our incredible logo from Jacob McAlister, and then had our first live show in St Pete, Florida at the amazing freeFall theater.

Next we took our first #10Kvacay to Nashville where we picked up our producer, Ash. Wanting to expand our concept and keep our audience engaged, we introduced our Guest Googler monthly feature and added a blog to our media arsenal.

We loved doing our Live from New York show, and are still over-the-moon about our SiriusXM spot on John Fugelsang’s Tell Me Everything. The “icing on the cake” of this exciting time has been ending the year with 10,000 plays! We are so thrilled and so grateful to our listeners!

Alison Burns + Lulu Picart

One of our favorite highlights of the year was our guest googler episodes. Once a month we feature a guest on the podcast, and we have had some amazing times with our guests from 2018, check out their episodes

We are also proud to have launched our Youtube Channel , as we are trying to stretch our legs and see what media we enjoy. So check it out, we have - episode companion videos, live shows, charity spotlights and shorts!

Alison Burns + Lulu Picart

Trying to pick our favorite moments from our 10K Days seems like an impossible task. I mean, we are dreaming up spending $10,000 in cities all over the world, so it's all amazing. If we had to pick some of our favorites though, here's what we would choose:

  • Alison loved going to Salem, Massachusets for the episode Happy Halloweeeeeeen! because she a) loves a theme, and b) loves getting a rise out of Lulu.

  • Lulu's favorite location was Hobart, Tasmania, which she visited in the episode Flexible for the Flirtacious, though she does have to say the day she planned for Paris in Quantity over Quality, is pretty spectacular.

  • Alison has to bring up when Lulu stayed in an ice hotel in Sweden. She was woken by a butler, which Alison is certain is because she was so cold she was nearly in a coma. Apparently the butler brings you fresh lingonberry juice, which you can hear all about in This Pumpkin is Legit!

  • Lulu is for sure going to make the $150 Philly cheesesteak from Barclay Prime in Philadelphia happen IRL, listen to her go on about it in Truffled Cheese Whiz!

  • Alison loved when she was in the World's Biggest Food fight in Buñol, Spain in episode You Had WOMAN Tattooed on Yourself?!? She paid extra money to hide in the first truck that brings in tons of tomatoes for participants to pelt each other with. Sounds great, right!?

  • All the research for the incredible 10K Days we bring you inspires us too! Alison felt her world expanding, and she took her first flight overseas to Hawaii....which she talks about in A Cave Made of Listerine.

We want to give a shout out of never ending gratitude to our #Team10K - Producer Ash Burns, graphic artist Jacob McAlister, Gregg Monteith and Chris Jackson for filming for our youtube companions, and our go-to-gal when we are stumped by social media, Angie Kline. Thank you to them, and a huge thank you to you! We are looking forward to what 2019 has in store for 10K Dollar Day!


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Ash Burns