Fall City, Washington + Prague, Czech Republic

It's another Youtube video companion episode! Is video companion a phrase? Does that make sense to describe what this is? What are "the kids" saying these days? It's very exciting to pretend to spend lots of money...come join us in dreaming, won't you? Cheap, un-bougie food and beverage is the topic du jour of most of the first five minutes of this episode. Who knew you could have a conversation about Spaghetti-O's for this long? Again, you gotta watch us.

10k Dollar Day OBSESSIONS - Episode 37

Lulu is obsessed with this Blender Bottle. It has a snap on container for your protein powder...or for snacks! Perfect for those on-the-go!

Alison is (still) obsessed with Vinnie Louise, the boutique our producer took us to while we were visiting Nashville. Alison is especially obsessed with the Vinnie Louise sweater she is wearing, and she silently models it for the Youtube viewers, almost forgetting to talk about it for the podcast listeners, there's just awkward silence except for the sound of her swooshing about in her sweater. Alison got this sweater as part of a "onesie" sale, like one thing. You get one item of clothing for a sale price of $12. Lulu didn't take advantage of this sale, because she thought they were sending you a literal onesie, and she was like, "nah...". Oh, and we are not sponsored by Vinnie Louise, we just happen to be obsessed and are unintentionally both wearing them head to toe in this video. Pssst...we are open to being sponsored by them. Wink, wink.

10k Dollar Day WISHLIST - Episode 37

Lulu wants a new computer, pretty sure Alison wished for this in a previous episode. Like seriously computer, stop notifying me that my start up disk is full, I GET IT! 90% of her computer's "used space" is described as "other". This does not help her figure out what to get rid of. Producer's suggestion here: CleanMyMac can be super helpful with this. Alison might have said this already, but she really needs this. It's eyebrows! As awesome as wonderbrow is, creating eyebrows every day is a freaking chore. Somehow we get into a discussion about acupuncture, but we promise, theres a connection there!

10k Dollar Day in Fall City, Washington, USA - Episode 37

Alison found this city by looking for cities with unique hotels. She is staying at Tree House Point. It is six treehouses connected by swinging bridges, with all the amenities of a typical hotel stay. And the treehouse she chooses to stay in is a reasonable $400 a night! Oh, and they recommend a person to you who can build you a livable treehouse. You know, for a starting price of $20,000, with the most expensive costing $300,000. Lulu concedes she'll stay in that treehouse, because it probably has an elevator or something. Alison has a classic breakfast at The Egg & Us for a mere $18. Two not-expensive things in a row...the chances of getting to 10k is not looking good. Next is a trip to visit waterfalls and Bavarian Villages with Cheryl’s Northwest Tours. There are so many local, quirky, independently-owned shops in this Bavarian-esque town, Leavenworth. Alison can't even handle all of these cute options. Next she heads to Munchen Haus for some german food and swag. A stop at The Hat Shop/Wood Shop. Wait, which is it? It's like a tongue twister, and we make into one, which is worth watching the Youtube companion for, alone! A stop at The Little Kitchen Shop which is not exactly what it seems like, or sounds like. Alison follows her tastebuds to the Cheese Mongers Shop where she gets tons of cheese for now, and a cheese of the month club for later. Did you know that cheese became a thing because a shepherd accidentally curdled his lunch milk? Lulu points out that a lot of things have come to be because of mistakes, or because of people who taste what would seem like weird things. Alison drops some cash on a few sessions of online poker coaching, so that after dinner at the Salish Lodge, she can head to Snoqualmie Casino and kill it.

10k Dollar Day in Prague, Czech Republic - Episode 37

Lulu heads to the capital of the Czech Republic. Alison's face gives away that she has no idea where that is. Are you watching us yet? It's so very entertaining. Lulu stays at the Aria Hotel. Themed around music, every floor of the hotel is a different genre, and each room is an artist in that genre, all curated by the music director of the hotel. How great is that?! Lulu picks the Mozart Luxury Suite. Breakfast at Cafe Savoy. If Lulu went to Prague in real life, she would go look at all the modern art. There's tons of it and it sounds insanely incredible! Especially this interactive sculpture. Looking at all this art is free though, so she had to figure out a way to pay for an art-centric experience. So... She goes on Alternative Prague Tours, and makes her own graffiti art! Lulu thinks the caps that come with your tour are to protect your hair...nope, they are to change out on the spray can for different spray styles. Creating art makes you hungry, so she heads to U Bílé kuželky for lunch. The struggle to pronounce that name is real, guys. She drinks a lot of absinthe at lunch, so she's not driving, and instead takes a tour in a vintage car. Wait, she's unsure if she is supposed to drive or not, but the tour comes with a free bottle of champagne, so surely there is a driver, right? For a really unique experience, Lulu has dinner with a local family. Lastly, Lulu takes in a performance at WOW Black Light Theater. It is a unique non-verbal spectacle that will blow you away with its beauty and visual artistry. What a way to end the day!


10k Dollar Day in Fall City, Washington, USA + Prague Czech Republic - Episode 37

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