Gettysburg, PA + Sant Llorenç des Cardassar

We were on SiriusXM last week, which if you follow us ANYWHERE you know this because we were so excited and posted so much on social media. We couldn't contain our excitement! Just check our Facebook for proof. Also, check out our friend Alan Seales' podcast - The Theatre Podcast. We just got back from a work trip to New York, and we are excited about the guests we had on the episodes we recorded…stay tuned!

10K Dollar Day OBSESSIONS - Episode 47

Tis the season for holidays...and winter colds. Lulu is obsessed with Puffs with Vicks, it's great for supplementing your regular tissue when the weather has you feeling, well, under the weather. Alison is obsessed with Febreeze One in the new Bamboo scent. It works on fabric and in the air, and has refill options! It is doing wonders for the smell in her house from having two kids and two pets.

10K Dollar Day WISHLIST - Episode 47

Lulu is freaking out about her new find. It went immediately to the top of her wishlist. If you've listened to any previous episodes, you know how Lulu lives for cooler weather, wishes for a personal bubble of A/C, and the like. Well she has finally found it guys. The Embr Wave is a personal temperature regulator that you wear on your wrist. After 3 minutes of use, testers felt cooler by about 5.8 degrees, or warmer by 4.6 degrees. For anyone that is ever uncomfortably cold or warm, this is the game changer. Alison wants a Peloton bike. You can pay monthly for it, which is Alison's ideal setup. It has a huge screen that has live classes, you can challenge other riders, so many reasons Alison is living for this right now.

10K Dollar Day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA - Episode 47

Alison's husband heard her day and immediately declared that she cheated. She didn't highlight the city like she should, or something like that. But this is 10K Dollar Day, where we spend imaginary money in a city doing whatever we want to do, so you know what, no judgement here! There are no rules! Alison does admit that this is the most ridiculous day she's ever done. Alison starts her day by renting Brasenhill, a 13,000 ft² mansion. We are talking 9 bedrooms, all-brick, historic M-A-N-S-I-O-N. It's actually about an hour's drive to Gettysburg from this mansion, so she rents a BMW 2 Series from Turo. Now for the reason she went to Gettysburg…but wait, did you know they only do the renactments in July? Alison sure didn't, so she is going to put on her own.

First things first, she hires a professional, licensed Gettysburg guide, to help her put on this thing. She posts an ad on Craiglist, looking for 40 actors to volunteer because she's getting their costume and providing experience as payment. Surely there are 40 people in Gettysburg who would be interested? Alison has to pay over $3200 for 20 Union Soldier Costumes but when she googled "Confederate costumes", all that would come up was "rebel costume". Is there a difference? Aren't they just called confederates? Also, who is buying these costumes?? Eh, who knows. But each of those costumes was only $55, so she only has to pay $1100 for the 20 confederate, err, rebel costumes. She gets some prop Flintlock rifles and two prop canons. She took a lot of care to cast and direct this, and while she knows a good bit about the history of the Battle of Gettysburg, she's definitely going to utilize her official Gettysburg guide to help her with the details and staging. After all this pre-production work, she's going to sit on a hill and watch the performance. She wants to be authentic so lunch for herself and her cast is biscuits and corn whiskey from Mason DIxon Distillery. Lulu muses that these must not be union actors, because this lunch definitely does not meet union standards. Alison counters that they are going for method acting, so this is like an homage to the meals they would have eaten back then.

She is so short on money at this point, that for the first time in her 10K Day research, she googles "cheap restaurants in...". She eats a two egg breakfast with hash browns and coffee at 24-hour spot - Lincoln Diner. A little too close to real life, Alison drops her last chunk of change on a luxe experience or two. First is a private hot air balloon ride with champagne and a light snack. Next she hires a private chef to come to her mansion and cook dinner for her, so she can relax with some wine after a day of watching actors hard at work. Alison wanted to produce a full-scale movie set version of this reenactment, but she couldn't afford SAG wages. Costumes and experience for their resume, oh and a biscuit and whiskey lunch, is all 10K could support. Lulu ran into the same problem when she wanted to hire actors for a Star Trek flash mob in Pioneertown, California in Episode 42. You know we've been doing this awhile when we start to discuss how little $10,000 is...

10K Dollar Day in Sant Llorenç des Carddassar - Episode 47

For the first time perhaps, Lulu struggles with a pronunciation. This is an island off the southeast coast of Spain. Alison is perplexed, how did Lulu even find this location? Oh just wait. Lulu slowly describes the bedrooms, the layout, clearly building up to something. Well, if you listened, watched, or read Episode 41, you know that Alison is obsessed with British reality show Love Island. Lulu found this spot because it is the Love Island Villa. Alison is excited, shocked, and sooooo very mad that she didn't think of this first. Going here would be "like me taking a vacation to heaven!" sighs Alison. She's being 100% genuine. Of course Lulu thinks to fly Alison and Ash here, but economy flights are $4,000. So instead she buys four Nest outdoor security cameras, twenty night vision cameras, and a roving camera man, all so that we can feel like we are there. IS SHE SERIOUS?!? We think she's a bit muggy - to use the slang we picked up watching Love Island. She explains that we will feel like we are there because we can watch all the camera feeds. But with no boys or best friends there, what are we even going to be watching? Clearly we're a bit miffed. If you've watched the show, you know the participants have their names stickered on everything from their nightstand to their water bottle. Lulu loved this aspect of the show, so she gets 20 "Lulu" vinyl stickers from StickerMule to put on everything.

There is a full kitchen, but she wants to lounge by the pool all day if she wants, so she goes to to hire a private chef. She wants them to stock the kitchen with wine, coffee, and ice cream. Oh, and a breakfast, packed lunch, and Spanish tapas for dinner. And plenty of champagne, let's add that too. Lulu takes a guided tour of Cuevas del Drach, a series of interconnected caves where you get to take a boat ride on Lake Martel, one of the largest underground lakes in the world! Lulu enjoys the boat ride so much, that she decides to do another boat. One of the superdates in season three of Love Island was on a yacht, so she gets a luxury yacht for half a day...which costs $3,000. Even though she is by herself, she still plans a blowout Love Island prom, just like how they end every season. She gets this Marchesa off the shoulder lame draped gown from Neiman Marcus. It looks kind of like the 70s or early 80s and it is on point for a grown up prom. Lulu hires a DJ through Mallorca Beats, and she dances the night away in her gorgeous dress, sipping her champagne, while doing a Google Hangout with the girls. We are still bummed we aren't there, and Alison is just putting it out there, but we are going to do this trip in real life one day. We just have to!



10K Dollar Day in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania + Sant Llorenç des Cardassar - Episode 47

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