Orlando, Florida + Coffin Bay, Australia

It’s a guest googler episode, and this time we are excited to have Christina Bianco here with us! We are sure you’ve seen her on youtube, in particular from her impressive appearance on ellen. We met her when we shared theater space in New York City, where we are recording right now, as you can tell by the sirens and other background noise as we record in her apartment. Christina jumps the gun because she is so excited to share her obsession, a cocktail recipe that the ladies are enjoying as they speak. The story goes that she was tired of what she was ordering as a social drinker, so at a hotel bar in Spain, she stumbled upon the Hugo. Now she feels like a mixologist with her new cocktail making skills. Alison and Lulu are very happy to be drinking this drink right now. The perfect balance, it’s not too sweet, and it tastes like summer in a glass! The ladies discuss ordering at a bar, how to get the drink you want, or at least the drink you will enjoy. Christina hasn't found a New York City Bar that makes this cocktail as good as she does in her kitchen…and that sounds like a challenge! Any bar want to step up? Going back to her music, Christina has an album coming out! In trying to appeal to the spontaneity and live aspects the audiences want…she made a live album! A huge thank you to the fans that have enabled this to happen. Christina talks about how much she loves 10k Dollar Day because she travels, but in real life though. She will be performing in two cities we’ve featured in previous episodes - London and Edinburgh. She eagerly agrees to be our field reporter, because she’s in the UK a lot right now working on the Imitation Game…kind of like a Who's Line Is It Anyway? for impressionists.

10k Dollar Day OBSESSIONS - Episode 38

Alison is obsessed with her homemade toner… to clarify, toner for her face, not her printer. The ladies are shocked, as she doesn’t make anything usually, but this is good guys. Click here for her recipe. We digress into our other obsession with essential oils, so life changing. We especially love doTerra essential oils, which you can get from Alison here. Lulu is obsessed with chocolate covered gummy bears. She brought some with her, so Alison and Christina try some on air. Their reactions are…well…interesting, and very opinionated.

10k Dollar Day WISHLIST - Episode 38

Lulu wishes for sundots. They’re gummies, that have sun protection in them. Like PLE is an ingredient, which amplifies your skin’s ability to fight UV rays. Clearly she is into gummies. Christina suggests mixing this with Alison’s toner for a complete skincare regimen. Alison wishes group messaging did not exist. The anxiety of so many messages you don’t want to respond to. Just stop already. Christina wishes she could scat. She does it at home, but wants to be able to do it in public really, really well, like the greats. Lulu gives us a lesson in scatting. We are all really impressed, and a little in love.

10k Dollar Day in Orlando, Florida, USA - Episode 38 with Christina Bianco

Fulfilling childhood dreams, Christina treats her posse with flights to Orlando, Florida, where they take a ride in a luxury SUV with a private driver that takes them all...to DisneyWorld! So far things aren’t as expensive as Christina thought they would be, so it must be really cheap in Florida. She hasn’t had to pay for a water bottle inside of DisneyWorld yet, obviously. Soon enough. Before she heads to the theme parks though, she is getting themed, custom made costumes from Etsy for her and all her friends. She’d love to be Belle, and her husband will likely get a Star Wars themed get-up. Oh, and they’ll have a costume change for when they head over to Universal to take in Harry Potter World. Costumes for everyone in her posse comes to about $1200. Chump change. She’s also treating everyone to Park Hopper and Fast Passes, it’s the only way to do Disney World . Oh, and they are going to stay in a villa in the yet to be opened Star Wars Hotel. After a day celebrating the child inside, it’s time for a very adult dinner in a private room at Victoria & Albert’s. She spends what little she has left on snacks, hot dogs, and expensive bottled water throughout the day, so not a lot of food was had before dinner.

10k Dollar Day in Coffin Bay, Australia - Episode 38

Lulu is staying at the Almonta Park Lodge, which is a whole house. Staying with other people in the house would be weird, and you know, we are used to the 10k experience by now, so the whole house gets booked. For breakfast, she flies in a cook from Adelaide that she found on takeachef. She can’t find a driver, so she offers to pay anyone working at the lodge $750 to drive her around for the day. I think anyone would take her up on that offer. Okay, here is why she came to Coffin Bay, she wants to do a oyster farm tour. Lulu LOVES oysters. She puts on some waders and catches, shucks, and tosses the shells. That farm tour cost only $36, so she finds this article - 39 Australian Beauty Products You Really Need to Try - and she buys all of them. Dinner is at 1802 Oyster Bar…boy isn’t this an oyster filled day! Lulu orders 4 dozen oysters in order to try all the flavors they offer. This is not the first time that Lulu has done 4 dozen oysters in one sitting, she’s done so in real life. She also orders the spencer gulf bug entree. Lulu hopes its just a funny name, and not literally a plate of bugs. Our guest googler lets her know that it looks like a crawfish, and Lulu feels a bit more at ease about this dining experience. Okay she thought she was done but she’s only at $5,000. So what’s girl to do? After going down some rabbit holes she decides to buy - wait for it - a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch. See, it’s on theme!! She’s over by a $1.10…so she adjusts what she paid the driver by just a little bit, so that she could arrive at 10k exactly. So a day full of oysters, but mostly some beauty products and a rolex. Luxe day for sure.



10k Dollar Day in Orlando, Floria + Coffin Bay, Australia - Episode 38

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