Monte Carlo, Monaco + Wilmington, Delaware

The ladies performed this week's episode LIVE at The Triad Theater in New York City. You can watch it - and our other videos - by clicking the WATCH tab at the top of the page, or by clicking here, whichever you fancy most. The ladies greet the packed audience…we are talking standing room only with a large contingent of tourists from Singapore. Impressive, right? They start off by discussing Lulu's ramen habits, as she is pleased to report that she got to eat the bougie kind this week, and not just her usual make-it-yourself-at-home kind. Alison asks what the difference is...ummm, about $12 and one of them has an egg in it. While Lulu is living her best fancy ramen life in NYC, Alison has a story about living her best mom-of-a-four-year-old life. I'm tempted to type out the story for you word for word, but it's so much funnier hearing it. So go ahead and give the episode a listen! Let's just say Lulu sums up Alison's story with this quotable line - "From the mouths and belly buttons of babes". Yeah. The ladies receive a rousing round of applause, much to their surprise and excitement. You see, they often want to give themselves a round of applause, but that would just be weird, so they are happy to have a live audience to give them one.

10k Dollar Day OBSESSIONS - Episode 41

The ladies have some really good obsessions this week. Lulu starts us off with a life-changing life-hack for those Apple lovers out there. If you have a Mac laptop, you know how long and obnoxious the power cord can be. Lulu is shocked to find out she's been wrapping it wrong all these years, and feels such a relief after watching this video on how to properly wrap the cord. Seriously, do you know what a miasma of stuff her bag contains?!? Miasma? Lulu's busting out the 10k vocabulary here. And that tangled mass of a cord had not been helping. Now its the littlest bit more organized and she is obsessed with passing along this information. Alison almost didn't admit to her obsession, but you guys, she found a new show to binge-watch - a trashy reality show called Island of Love (she means Love Island). It's a British show so Alison swears it's less trashy than American reality show equivalents. Perhaps its because they have accents? It sounds like the least British thing EVER - a bunch of single guys and single gals that are "mad fit' (British slang for really hot/good-looking) live together in a villa on an island for 6 weeks where they have nothing to do but sunbathe and bed-hop. Oh, and all the beds are in one room with night vision cameras. Classy with a capital "C", huh? She doesn't watch it where her kids can see it, so she waits to stream it when she's in bed. Not like THAT you guys, get your mind out of the gutter!

10k Dollar Day WISHLIST - Episode 41

Alison wishes for an invention that instantly dries your hair. Like in the snap of a finger instantly would be nice. You know you put on your makeup and then you dry your hair and your all hot and sweaty and your makeup is dripping? Or you dry your hair first to avoid the dripping makeup but then you are still hot and your face is all red and splotchy? Especially in the summer something, some kind of device or contraption that you could just put over your hair and with the click of a button your hair would be ready to go. That's a big ask, Alison, but hey, this is 10k Dollar Day, where we feel free to dream up anything! Lulu's wishlist item is a bedding set that folds up to microscopic proportions. No, not the vacuum storage bag size, she means she wants it to be so tiny that if you were on Star Trek you could beam it somewhere else. This wish is borne out of her having guests in town and because she sublets, she owns nothing related to hosting guests.

10k Dollar Day in Monte Carlo, Monaco - Episode 41

The audience is very excited about Lulu's pick of Monte Carlo. Do they know where Monte Carlo is? Because before a week ago Lulu didn't. It is in Monaco, the world's second smallest country, well, technically its like a city-state set up, but still. Also 30% of the population are millionaires. Lulu didn't know any of this, but picked this location solely based on her love of James Bond films. Lulu stays in a room with an exclusive sea view and a terrace at the Hotel de Paris. Her first excursion is to The Cars Collection of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco. She would love to sit in them but just seeing them will be amazing! She stops for lunch at U Cavagnetu, a spot with a Moganesque menu. That is the adjective for if you are doing something in Monaco, apparently. In addition to her love of James Bond films, Lulu also loves To Catch A Thief, the classic 50's film with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Lulu loves that Grace Kelly was in the movie set in Monaco, and then later became the princess of Monaco in real life. Grace Kelly, Meghan Markle, there's hope for us all! Lulu really wanted to recreate a Grace Kelly in Monaco moment, and unfortunately marrying a prince wasn't an option. So instead, Lulu purchases a Hermés Scarf and rents a Porsche 550. She's going to wear the scarf in her hair AND drive the car. It's 2018, guys. She also wants to recreate a James Bond in Monte Carlo moment. You know when James Bond walks into a casino in a tuxedo, and there's a glamorous woman standing to the side? She's going to be both. She buys a feather trimmed Magda Butrym blazer that she is obsessed with. It has a mass of black feathers going across the black satin fabric. It's like she's wearing the tuxedo, AND the feather boa at the same time. She also buys these incredible Alexandre Vauthier suede and crystal pumps, which at 5" tall, are nearly impossible to walk in, but damn do they look good as she perches by the tables. Oh, and she forgot to tell you, but before the casino Lulu did the tasting menu at Le Louis XV. Wait until you hear this...the women get menus without prices on them. It's sexist for sure, and while at first indignant, Lulu quips that men make more per hour, so you know what they can buy her dinner! At the casino she has some martinis (say it with us, "shaken not stirred"), and then heads to the Baccarat table where she plays until she's reached her 10k budget.

10k Dollar Day in Wilmington, Delaware - Episode 41

After a fabulous and international trip for Lulu, Alison brings it back home for her 10k day in...Delaware? We'll see how this one goes. Since they have to stay two nights in order to have one full day on these trips, Alison actually has to stay her first night in a budget hotel because her second night is that pricey. In Delaware? Her first night is spent at the Fairview Inn. At first glance she thought it looked fine, but upon digging further, she saw some questionable reviews, including "there were prostitutes and drug addicts", "bring your gun and bodyguard". The best one by reviewer Chardanay - "stay here only if you really need cash". Yep. What has Alison gotten herself in to? So now to the place she's staying that necessitated the cheap first night stay. The Inn at Montchanin Village is a literal village, and Alison rents out the whole place. There is room for 34 people, and she found an inexpensive flight on, and she's made a list of the 34 people she is inviting to come live in her village with her for the day. But some of them didn't show up to the live show today, so she invites some of the audience to come along. In addition to a stay in the village, Alison buys brunch for everyone at Krazy Kats. Lulu worries that she does not have enough champagne for 34 guests. Alison feels judged about this, and has to admit that this is where the free stuff for her guests ends. She wants her guests to feel free to explore the village and the city, and not pressured to hang out with her. Plus, you know, the pressures of entertaining and all means her next activity is an escape to the village's spa for a Kindred Body Treatment with products from the Kindred Skincare Company that are made in Delaware. Next is a tour and tasting at Chaddsford Winery. Anyone can join her but it is $25. A little exploring takes her to a shop called Everything but the Kitchen Sink. It has everything guessed it. Alison goes back to Krazy Kats to try grilled quail...or she thinks she's going to. A helpful audience member explains what that would look like, and Alison freaks out about eating meat on the bone. So she gets the salmon instead. She'd already budgeted for the quail as well so she brings the lovely audience member along for dinner. But she only has money for a drink for herself, so sorry, her last minute guest's having water. Alison heads to Sweet Somethings to buy desserts for everyone. Okay so there was some more free stuff coming their way. She brings these desserts back to the village to have at a garden party she’s throwing for all her guests. There's even going to be a DJ. They won an award in 2008 so you know they are on the top of their game. After the party Alison realizes she has seven dollars and change leftover. She was going to the throw it up in the air for her guests to fight over, but then decides she can buy the audience member who came with her to dinner a drink. So now she's at 10k.



10k Dollar Day in Monte Carlo, Monaco + Wilmington, Delaware - Episode 41

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