10K Saturday with Chris Jackson!


Alison: Hi, everyone, it’s 10k Saturday, and I’m Alison Burns, and thank you for joining us on this beautiful Saturday morning / afternoon / evening — whenever you’re listening — and we’re very excited. Today, our 10k Saturday guest is the infamous Chris Jackson  — AKA my husband. He is actually making an appearance. I know you still don’t believe it because he’s being so quiet. Say hi.

Chris: Hi, I’m in shock because I’ve never heard your radio voice. Is this what you call it? Your radio voice?

Alison: It’s my podcast voice. I mean, this is me, as well.

Chris: No, no, but you’re so bright and happy. That’s not what I meant. (Laughter) I don’t know how to describe it. I’m gonna stop talking. Now I can’t stop talking because we’re on the thing —

Alison: Anyways —

Chris: — that’s not what I meant — never mind.

Alison: First off, tell us: how excited are you to be on the podcast? How often do you listen?

Chris: I’m super jazzed. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time. I’ve never listened to the show.

Alison: We know. Everyone knows.

Chris: But not for lack of trying. I start them, and then I get distracted … and then, you know.

Alison: So you don’t even know what 10k Saturday is.

Chris: No.

Alison: Okay. Don’t worry, I haven’t prepped him at all, so this should be interesting. We’re gonna ask a few questions. Lulu likes to call them the Q5 (note: Lulu actually calls them the “10k5.” NOW who doesn’t listen to the podcast?). I haven’t really bought into that title. Tell us about what you do, where can people find you? This is also your time to promote yourself.

Chris: Oh, I’m real good at that. I am the owner of Cineview Studios, which is an award-winning video production company based in Seminole, Florida, which is near St. Pete. I’m married, if you haven’t done any background on me yet. I have two kids and a dog.

Alison: And we’re gonna put all of his information so you can follow him on the Instagram and all of that good stuff. So now down to the nitty-gritty. Tell us, right now, do you currently have something you’re obsessed with? What is your current obsession?

Chris: This is gonna sound pretty ridiculous. I’m obsessed with golf balls right now, because I saw this trick online where you can take a golf ball, and you put it against your back — I’m acting this out as if you’re —

Alison: No, I’m trying to understand as well —

Chris: So you put it against your back, and you lean up against a wall, and you just roll the golf ball up and down your —

Alison: Oh, you can do that with a tennis ball, too.

Chris: Oh, really?

Alison: Yeah. So what you’re saying is your obsession currently is “balls.”

Chris: One ball, a golf ball. (Alison laughs) Because my back is always so sore from from stuff. So I’m obsessed with this golf ball.

Alison: I have to say I’ve never seen you do this.

Chris: I do it in the office. I see you an hour a day, if we broke our time down. I don’t go around with a golf ball all the time. It’s not, like, in my pocket.

Alison: Gotcha. So golf balls.

Chris: Just one. Just the one.

Alison: Just one golf ball, that’s your obsession. So: wishlist.

Chris: Just to get out of town. I just want to get out of town for a little bit, take a mental break. Because we do a lot at the studio. We’ve got “Terror Tales,” which is averaging a bunch of subscribers a day, we’re always putting out new episodes. That’s on YouTube, if you guys are interested. It’s really fun. People send in these real-life scary stories, and we make movies out of them. And we partnered up with iHorror, which is a big podcaster, too, to make those. And then running the studio itself. So my wishlist is to take a mental break and go somewhere.

Alison: Well, that is a great segue to our next question, which is: if you had ten thousand dollars, and I guess it doesn’t have to be travel, but if you had ten thousand dollars and you had one day to spend it, what would you do? Where would you go? Would you buy something?

Chris: Yeah. That’s a really great question.

Alison: Well, yeah. If you think that’s great, you should listen to the podcast.

Chris: I try! I try really hard — I get distracted. I’m like a squirrel. Or a dog looking at a squirrel. It’s all over the place. What would I do with ten thousand dollars?

Alison: In one day.

Chris: In one day. Is that the premise of the show?

Alison: Yeah.

Chris: Like, 10k Day?

Alison: Oh my god.

Chris: I’m just kidding. I would definitely try to get out of town for a couple of days, and I would not take my kids.

Alison: Where would you go?

Chris: Anywhere without my kids. I literally would have you point, and we would — because you do this all the time. I feel like you could map out pretty well for me what I could do with 10k in a day.

Alison: So what you’re saying is — you would just give it to me.

Chris: I’d be like, yeah, here’s 10k, where are we going? Because I need to get out. And don’t bring the kids. I’m assuming two grand of that would go to a babysitter —

Alison: — for one day?

Chris: I thought you said it didn’t have to be just one day.

Alison: No, it is. One day. 10k Dollar Day. You have to spend it in one day.

Chris: Twenty-four hours is a day.

Alison: Last time I checked.

Chris: So… what would I do? Whatever. We could go up and down Florida and just do stuff. As long as my kids weren’t there. I also don’t think I’m smart enough to spend ten thousand dollars in a day.

Alison: What do you mean? You could literally do anything.

Chris: Yeah, but I’m so low-maintenance, I feel like I would just have ten thousand dollars…

Alison: Well, you could also buy something. You could buy some camera equipment or go do a crazy photo shoot.

Chris: That’s a great idea, but most of the camera equipment we use is more than ten grand. So ten grand for our film stuff — I could figure out a way to spend ten grand for the studio. But I don’t want to.

Alison: You wanna go do your own thing.

Chris: I’ve been wearing the same clothes since 2005. Let’s say I even went to the mall — that sounds like a terrible idea — but if I went, I don’t even think I could spend ten grand there. I don’t think I could spend a thousand dollars at the mall.

Alison: Oh, I could.

Chris: Could you?

Alison: Yeah. Because we wouldn’t go to the stores we normally go to. We would go to the really great stores, where the jeans are two hundred dollars.

Chris: That’s absurd to me.

Alison: Not if you have to spend 10k in one day. You change your way of thinking.

Chris: So if I knew — this is your mission: you have to spend ten thousand dollars. I wonder if I would feel guilty. Because right now, if I were ever to go buy something, I’d be like, I could be spending this on something else.

Alison: Well, another great segue. You’re good at this. If you had ten thousand dollars that you had to give away, so a charity, a person… where would you give it?

Chris: Cineview Studios ran a campaign for this great company called Raices, reunifying children with their parents when they were separated at the border. It’s really great company. What I did was, anybody who bought a photo shoot inside a certain period of time, we donated the entire thing to Raices, which was great. They’ve done a lot of great work. But I think right now, where my head is — I’m pretty political, and our company takes stances all the time. I think I would donate money to the ACLU, because Cineview Studios actively stands with women who believe they should be making choices on their healthcare. So right now, just because of the times, that’s where I would start donating money, to the ACLU. It just got super heavy for a Saturday morning conversation.

Alison: Hey, you know what? Sometimes that happens. No judgment here at 10k. This was great. We only have one more questions.

Chris: Abort mission, abort mission, he got too heavy! Abort mission!

Alison: We get heavy. If you would have listened to last week’s podcast, the title of the podcast was “This is so educational.” (It was actually “This podcast is so educational.” Seriously, Alison even titled the episode…) Because it was.

Chris: Look, I keep up with all the cool stuff that you guys do. I read the reviews. And people are like, oh, this is so educational.

Alison: I don’t know if anyone’s ever said that.

Chris: I’m sure I read that somewhere.

Alison: Maybe. It’s so fun. It’s funny.

Chris: I believe that it’s worth listening to. I wish I had the time. I don’t even listen to podcasts that I normally listen to right now.

Alison: You just listen to Joe Rogan. You make time for him.

Chris: I watch quick little clips on YouTube.

Alison: We also have a YouTube channel. Thanks for that plug. Youtube.com/10kdollarday. Check those out. So, last question, this is Q5 —

Chris: Is it?

Alison: Yeah, we did obsession, wishlist, 10k, charity, and now —

Chris: This is flying by.

Alison: Yeah, these are quick. We like to keep these around fifteen minutes.

Chris: How long are the episodes normally?

Alison: Forty-five minutes to an hour.

Chris: What do you talk about for forty-five minutes?

Alison: Oh, a lot.

Chris: Okay. I believe you.

Alison: It flies by. So, final question. We end every podcast this way. Do you know what it is? (Laughs) No.

Chris: Is it the Instagram thing you guys do?

Alison: Yes…

Chris: See, I know some stuff!

Alison: What is it?

Chris: Um…

Alison: Hashtag…

Chris: Uh, be happy, or let’s get happy…

Alison: It’s a question.

Chris: Right, it’s gotta be a question. Something about happiness. Are you happy?

Alison: What’s… (laughter) what’s…

Chris: I have no idea.

Alison: #whatsyourhappy.

Chris: What’s my happy.

Alison: Yeah, so right now, and it can be something small, it could be oh, I’m happy that I have creamer in my coffee. Or it can be something big, like I’m happy that I just got a big promotion at work. Whatever. Anything that’s making you happy right now, in this moment, today.

Chris: I’m not any fun. The most happy I’ve been all week’s been having coffee with my wife.

Alison: That’s okay. #whatsyourhappy — it can always be me.

Chris: I’m so dry. I’m so boring.

Alison: That’s why we attract each other, because opposites attract. Guess what? That’s it. See how easy that was?

Chris: Yeah. I’m gonna start my own podcast. It’s gonna be called Fifty Cents a Day. Like, what can I do with fifty cents? I’m just kidding.

Alison: I wouldn’t do that.

Chris: That’s a dad joke. Ever since I had kids, a biological clock, like an alarm went off, where I just make terrible dad jokes. Against my will. I’m like, where did this come from? I recognize it immediately, and I say things that would just make my fourteen-year-old’s eyes roll.

Alison: Oh, then we’d better end this real quick before it gets too “dad.” Thank you so much for being here. Say bye.

Chris: Bye.

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