10K Saturday with Hannah Jackson and Grayson Melis!

10K Saturday with Hannah Jackson and Grayson Melis!

Alison: Hi everyone, and welcome to 10k Saturday, and I have with me today Grayson Melis and Hannah Jackson. Say hi!

Hannah: Hi.

Grayson: Hi, my name’s Grayson — wait — blech.

Alison: It is Grayson, you’re right. And we have Hannah. So, Grayson, how old are you?

Grayson: I am seven, and I think I’m seven-and-a-half. I don’t know.

Alison: Okay. Hannah —

Grayson: — and I have a turtle.

Alison: — and you have a turtle. Hannah, how old are you?

Hannah: Four.

Alison: And you’re about to be five, right?

Hannah: Yeah.

Alison: Okay, now I have some questions for you guys. Is there anything right now that you’re currently obsessed with?

Grayson: DANCE!

Alison: Dance?

Hannah: Dance!

Alison: You too? Okay, tell me about it.

Hannah: No, singing!

Alison: Singing? Okay, so Grayson, tell me about dance.

Grayson: Dance is like, sometimes you get to lip sync while you’re dancing, so if you’re doing Baby Shark you’re like… (silence) … while the words are going you’re like … (silence)

Alison: So he’s lip syncing into his arms.

Grayson: And then also you can do a one-handed cartwheel. Also you can pick up girls and dance. And also you can do competition and company, where you can perform in Disney World.

Alison: Ooh. And Hannah, what do you like about singing?

Hannah: You can sing in a show.

Alison: Sing in a show! That’s great. Now I have another question. What’s on your wishlist? What do you wish for right now?

Grayson: I wish for a million dollars and a phone.

Hannah: I wish… a unicorn!

Alison: So a million dollars and a phone. Why do you want a phone?

Grayson: So I could call my mom and tell her to call 911 if there’s a fire.

Alison: Okay, so if there’s a fire, you’re gonna call your mom and tell your mom to call 911?

Grayson: Yeah.

Alison: Why wouldn’t you just call 911?

Grayson: I would not know all the questions for the police officer to ask.

Alison: That’s smart.

Grayson: I would not know where the fire is, all I would know is because the alarm did.

Alison: Who else would you call if you had a phone?

Grayson: I would use it so I could call my parents to say have a great day at work.

Alison: That’s nice.

Grayson: Thank you! Because you’re a parent.

Alison: (laughing) Yeah, so I think that’s nice.

Grayson: Hannah’s turn.

Alison: Yeah, it’s Hannah’s turn.

Grayson: Wait, a million dollars.

Alison: Yeah, we’re going to get to that. Hold on, because I’m going to ask you another question about money. Hannah, you want a unicorn? What would you do with a unicorn?

Hannah: You can fly around and have fun and play with her all day, and sleep with her.

Alison: What would you name your unicorn?

Hannah: Sprinkles.

Alison: Sprinkles? That’s fun.

Grayson: Maybe she’ll have a little cutie mark of sprinkles, like My Little Pony, which I don’t watch.

Alison: You don’t watch My Little Pony?

Grayson: A little sometimes.

Alison: Yeah? What’s your favorite TV show?

Grayson: My favorite TV show… Captain Underpants. But not the movie, it’s a cartoon.

Alison: Oh, the cartoon. (to HANNAH) What’s your favorite TV show?

Hannah: My favorite… Sophia.

Alison: Sophia? Yeah, that’s a good one.

Grayson: (singing) Sophia the first…

Hannah: One time with Nana I got the new one, the new movie.

Alison: Now here’s the big question I wanna ask. If you had ten thousand dollars, how would you spend it in one day? You have to spend ten thousand dollars in one day.

Grayson: I want a million toys!

Alison: You would get a million toys?

Hannah: No, a unicorn.

Alison: You would buy a unicorn?

Grayson: And I would buy two hundred million horses.

Alison: Horses? You think you can buy two hundred million horses with ten thousand dollars?

Grayson: Yeah!

Alison: What if you had to go somewhere? If you had to spend the money on traveling? Where would you go with ten thousand dollars?

Hannah: Um, I would go to Christmas.

Alison: Just make it be Christmas all the time?

Hannah: Yeah, because I wanna go to Santa’s World, and I wanna see if they have stuff —

Grayson: — if I had a million dollars —

Alison: Ten thousand. If you had ten thousand dollars, where would you travel?

Grayson: If I had ten thousand dollars, I would travel to the future and buy one of those floating cars and also have a robot butler and make us some wine, and it would have a light that had spikes all over it, and it would have a window that shows all the houses. And in the bottom it starts like a tree, it skims up, and then a little circle on top, but giant. It’s so cool.

Alison: That sounds cool.

Grayson: The future has cool houses.

Alison: That would be a great way to spend ten thousand dollars. The future.

Hannah: And I’m going to get a balloon to fly up with a little basket.

Alison: Oh, like a hot air balloon.

Grayson: And also, if she had it, she could use an umbrella to tie it, and pretend she’s Mary Poppins! (in British accent) So, you should watch the new movie, Mary Poppins Returns.

Alison: You have a lovely accent.

Grayson: Thank you.

Alison: You sound very British.

Grayson: I know, because I’m doing it a lot with somebody.

Alison: So one more question. What today has made you happy? Something today that made you happy.

Grayson: Seeing horses and stuff.

Alison: You saw horses today?

Grayson: Yeah.

Alison: Where?

Grayson: At my barn.

Alison: At your barn, at your school? So that made you happy today? (GRAYSON makes nonsense syllables) Okay, is that a yes?

Grayson: Yes.

Alison: Perfect. (GRAYSON makes more nonsense syllables. ALISON talks back in nonsense syllables.) And Hannah, what made you happy today?

Hannah: School… learning about my friends and going to school, having fun with my friends.

Alison: So having fun at school with your friends. That’s awesome. Hey guys, thank you so much for being guests on 10k Saturday.

Grayson: Can we be part of your shows?

Alison: Yes, that’s what this is going to be. Everyone’s going to listen. We have like, I don’t know, a lot of listeners, and they’re all going to know your names.

Grayson: Can you not put it on private so the whole entire world can see me except the bad guys?

Alison: Oh, you don’t want bad guys to hear you? Gotcha.

Grayson: So they don’t know where we are. Wait, tell them where you are.

Alison: Huh?

Grayson: Tell them where you are so they know where to go.

Alison: Well, all of our listeners know where to find us, and it’s anywhere you find podcasts. But we don’t allow bad people to listen to the podcast, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Grayson: Phew!

Alison: Phew!

Hannah: Bad guys is not even true.

Alison: They’re not true?

Grayson: (whispering) But some people can kill you, sometimes they’ll act like they don’t have a gun, so be aware. Sssh… don’t tell her I said that.

Alison: (whispering) Okay. (In normal voice) This was great. I had a great idea about having kids on this, and it paid off.

Hannah: Some people are strangers and they can kill you.

Alison: Yeah, but that’s not going to happen on 10k Dollar Day. Okay, I’m so glad that I decided to do this. Thanks everyone for listening. This is my life.


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