10K Saturday with Andrew Frace!

10K Saturday with Andrew Frace!

Lulu: Hey everyone, it is 10k Saturday with Andrew Frace, say “what up!”

Frace: What up!

Lulu: Yeah, and I’m gonna call him Frace the whole time. I mean, that’s just how I know you.

Frace: That’s how we know each other.

Lulu: As Frace.

Frace: Yeah. I say my friends call me Frace, and that’s why you call me Frace.

Lulu: That works out for me. Well, now everyone here’s gonna call you Frace, too.

Frace: I like it.

Lulu: Now you have lots of friends. We are — we’re not filming, we are recording this at New World Stages, where Frace is currently in Jersey Boys the musical.

Frace: Yeah.

Lulu: And you play everyone, I think? Is that right?

Frace: Pretty much everyone, yeah. I cover pretty much everyone.

Lulu: You have a favorite?

Frace: That’s like saying your favorite kid.

Lulu: We don’t have to say —

Frace: But I don’t have children, so I guess I could say my favorite. (Laughter) You know what’s funny, one of the roles that I don’t cover anymore is actually my favorite role, and it’s Tommy DeVito. But I also love the role of Bob Gaudio.

Lulu: Oh yeah?

Frace: Tommy DeVito is like the bad boy, he’s the opposite of me. And Bob is closer to who I am as a person, so he’s harder to play. I like to play roles that are nothing like me. Do you know what I mean?

Lulu: Yeah, because you wanna be a completely different person?

Frace: That’s the whole thing. That’s why I’m an actor, because I don’t want to be me. (laughter)

Lulu: This is getting really therapeutic really fast.

Frace: I didn’t know this was a therapy podast.

Lulu: Yeah, this is actually a self-help podcast called 10k Dollar Day…

Frace: I feel better already.

Lulu: I’m glad. I’m so glad that you do. However, you also host a podcast.

Frace: I do, I do host a podcast.

Lulu: Talk about that.

Frace: The podcast is Limos and Roses. It started kind of as a joke amongst me and my buddy Jet. We’re two straight guys in theater, and we listen to sports podcasts, and we listen to all different types of podcasts, and we said, what’s a podcast that we could start just to learn about the process of doing a podcast? And what’s something that we both like that most straight guys aren’t super into, maybe?

So we started this podcast about The Bachelor.

Lulu: I love that.

Frace: And it’s just me and him, and we have a moderator, his wife moderates —

Lulu: Moderates? Are there heated discussions?

Frace: It gets heated. Because we cover everything from fashion to love… I have Frace’s Fashion Corner, where I go over what the women are wearing…

Lulu: I’ve never seen an episode of The Bachelor.

Frace: You don’t need to. (laughter)

Lulu: You’re selling the podcast.

Frace: Yeah, I’m really selling — no, just listen to the podcast.

Lulu: I’ll listen to the podcast.

Frace: We do weekly recaps of the show, and the reason that we do it is because it’s this kind of a phenomenon of a show, and we just break it down and talk about what’s going on.

Lulu: It’s so funny.

Frace: The reason that it’s funny is because they take themselves pretty seriously.

Lulu: Oh yeah.

Frace: We tried to do it with Bachelor in Paradise, but because it’s already making fun of itself, there wasn’t as much humor.

Lulu: Do you find yourself secretly loving the show?

Frace: Yes. Absolutely.

Lulu: Oh, Frace! You’re in.

Frace: Well, I’m a romantic at heart, and so that’s the funny juxtaposition between me and my cohost, because I’m the romantic, and he’s like Mr. Logical, breaks down everything. It’s like the head versus the heart.

Lulu: I can’t wait to check that out.

Frace: It’s really fun.

Lulu: Can I listen to that without having to watch The Bachelor?

Frace: You can listen. I mean, you know me. So you’re gonna find it funny. I mean, it’s better to watch the episodes and then listen to the podcast.

Lulu: Now, do you watch it and then talk about it, or — can I have a suggestion for you?

Frace: Please.

Lulu: Do they do recap episodes?

Frace: That’s what ours is, a recap episode.

Lulu: No, I mean does The Bachelor itself do recap episodes?

Frace: No, they usually do a montage, like a five-minute montage at the start.

Lulu: This is the way that I would want to watch it, because I don’t watch The Bachelor — for you to do it in real time, like director’s commentary.

Frace: We have talked about that. I think that might be next season, honestly. We’d like to do a live, maybe like on one of those, Switch or something like that, where you can just watch the episode while we commentate.

Lulu: A hundred percent I would listen to that.

Frace: Although the reason that we did the podcast is because we had to edit out a lot.

Lulu: Yeah, I don’t know how licensing works with that, either.

Frace: And we tend to be pretty crude and off-the-cuff…

Lulu: The 10k girls, we are all a little addicted to Love Island… do you know what that is?

Frace: Please tell me.

Lulu: It’s like the Bachelor — no it’s not. It’s apparently like Bachelor in Paradise, but British.

Frace: Oh, so maybe they’re actually nice to one another?

Lulu: Well, I think that they are just as mean, but they’re very polite about it. Like, their language is very polite.

Frace: Like, they still bang everybody, but they’re just polite about it. They probably shag. (laughter)

Lulu: They shag…. They actually don’t. What’s weird is — and you just have to watch it, watch one episode

Frace:—oh, I’m gonna watch. —

Lulu:— of season three. Start season three. Just trust me on that, start season three.

Frace: I trust you.

Lulu: What’s odd is, they’re on this tropical island, and it’s all these hot singles wearing bikinis all the time, and yet, they’re still like, did you kiss him? For some reason, it’s way more innocent even though it looks not innocent at all.

Frace: That’s interesting. That’s like the Great British Bake Show but nothing like it at all. You know when they’re super polite, but they’re still competing? Have you ever seen that show?

Lulu: Great British Bake-off. I love it because they only say nice things about each other.

Frace: It actually restores my faith in humanity when I watch that show.

Lulu: I love that show. I don’t know half the things that they are making…

Frace: It doesn’t matter.

Lulu: But I’ve learned a lot. I now talk about baked goods as if I know what they are, even if I don’t. I’ll be like, that’s an enriched dough. Enriched with what? What does that mean?

Frace: Enriched with love. That’s what that show does. (laughter)

Lulu: I don’t even know what they’re doing at all.

Frace: Yeah, it’s like, the dough rises and… you’re like, oh! I’m so happy for them!

Lulu: Why didn’t he put it in the proving drawer?

Frace: Oh my gosh. Proving is this concept, and I’ve heard it explained a million times, but it’s still a mystery to me.

Lulu: Yeah, it’s weird. But I like watching them punch down bread.

Frace: Who doesn’t like that?

Lulu: That looks therapeutic.

Frace: It’s like something out of Ghost, but not.

Lulu: So I have to ask you, how do you like the new hosts?

Frace: Oh, I like the new hosts.

Lulu: I do too.

Frace: They definitely grew on me. At the start I was like, ah, new hosts! Why? I love the old hosts! But now I think they’re great. I think they’re this really fun, strange dichotomy of people.

Lulu: I love him. I think he’s really funny on the show.

Frace: He’s hilarious.

Lulu: I love that he’s constantly like, how did I get on a baking show? I think that’s the perfect way to have played that.

Frace: And I love the contestants, too. They always find the most special people.

Lulu: I agree.

Frace: And from all walks of life, I feel like…

Lulu: And it’s a very diverse group of people, and I love that they bring in stuff from their own cultures to make their baked goods (laughs) — this is a whole —

Frace: Now we’re doing a baking podcast.

Lulu: We should do a commentary on Great British Bake-off, just two people who don’t actually bake going, why don’t they use the proving drawer?

Frace: Well, that’s kind of what like what my podcast is right now, it’s two people that don’t know anything about The Bachelor talking about The Bachelor.

Lulu: That’s literally 10k Dollar Day. It’s two people who don’t really know anything about luxury items talking about luxury items.

Frace: Well, there you go.

Lulu: Basically, the podcast community is a bunch of people who think that they’re experts who are not experts at all, but have a microphone.

Frace: We actually say in our little disclaimer that we’re self-proclaimed experts.

Lulu: We call ourselves imaginary luxury travel experts!

Frace: Oh, yours is better.

Lulu: No, no, no…not at all. It’s like the same.

Frace: It’s just different. Also our disclaimer — it’s a long disclaimer — it basically says the Limos and Roses team fully supports the gay and lesbian community, and any reference to a bachelor’s sexuality is merely conjecture. (Laughter) In other words, no offense. `Cause we love everybody.

Lulu: The podcast is called…

Frace: Limos and Roses. And it’s actually based off our Limos and Roses Bachelor fantasy league. We started a fantasy league. You know how there’s football fantasy leagues? So we have money on the line, too. So we talk about that.

We don’t get to choose our contestants. We draw out a hat, and we get certain numbers, so I had like, girl number seven, twelve, and fifteen. And it’s when they come out of the limo the first episode.

Lulu: That is so funny.

Frace: And we have first impression rose money, we have the first girl that says I love you, we get money, we put like twenty dollars on the line. But it gets heated.

Lulu: Hey, you’re an actor. Twenty dollars is a lot of money.

Frace: It is a lot of money. I don’t even think you can go to a student matinee for twenty dollars. Maybe you can? What’s the price on student matinee?

Lulu: I don’t know. I mean, does it matter? Because they have to pay so much in tuition. So really, if you do the math on it, it’s like $56,000 a year.

Frace: To see a Broadway matinee show.

Lulu: To get a twenty dollar ticket.

Frace: Ham for Ham, whatever. (laughter)

Lulu: Let’s move into part of what we do here. I’m going to ask you, what are you obsessed with right now?

Frace: I mean, honestly … I’m just going to say it. There’s a midtown Taco Bell Cantina — (laughter)

Lulu: I didn’t want to bring it up, but —

Frace: I’m obsessed with it. I live tweet from it, I talk about it all the time —

Lulu: He live-Instagram-stories it, he texts me when he goes to the Taco Bell Cantina — I haven’t been yet.

Frace: It’s right across the street from where we are right now.

Lulu: I know. I’m sad that you have a salad here, because otherwise we could go after this —

Frace: Well, that’s the whole thing. Because I’m obsessed with Taco Bell Cantina, every once in a while, I have to have a salad.

Lulu: And for people who are not lucky enough to live in a city with a Taco Bell Cantina, what makes it different from a regular Taco Bell?

Frace: They serve alcohol.

Lulu: That’s a pretty big difference.

Frace: And they have all this fancy — the menu’s really extensive and it’s got touch screens … it’s like walking into the future of Taco Bell.

Lulu: Are you old school Taco Bell lover?

Frace: I’m an old school Taco Bell lover.

Lulu: Is there a menu item they no longer have that you miss? I have one.

Frace: What’s yours?

Lulu: The Meximelt. But you can still order it.

Frace: You can special order it?

Lulu: You just say Meximelt, and they will make it for you.

Frace: Remember when I said I was obsessed? I know what I’m doing after the show tonight.

Lulu: What’s yours?

Frace: Mine? Luckily, they still have it. It’s the cheesy Gordita crunch.

Lulu: I mean, that’s solid.

Frace: I’ll eat anything off that menu, though. I’m not choosy.

Lulu: I hate that I love the Doritos locos taco.

Frace: I don’t hate that you love that. I love that you love that.

Lulu: I’m a little embarrassed that I love it, but it’s solid yumminess.

Frace: What I don’t like about it is that it’s not made out of actual, like — it’s dusted with the Dorito powder, but it’s not made… I wanted it to be made with Doritos. So get on that, Taco Bell.

Lulu: Come on, TacoBell.

Frace: Yeah. And I use just the standard regular hot sauce. People go for the fire, or the diablo.

Lulu: I like the fire and diablo.

Frace: I mean, I like them too, but I’m a traditionalist.

Lulu: I also miss the Choco Taco. (Frace sighs) I know. I’m sorry. Sorry to bring it up. Sorry to bring up these old ghosts.

Frace: Although those cinnamon goo balls that they have are amazing.

Lulu: I haven’t had those.

Frace: They’re really good.

Lulu: If you’re not a Taco Bell fan, I apologize for the last two minutes of this podcast, but if you are, then… hit us up.

Frace: I’m sorry, I’m not sorry, I’m obsessed with it.

Lulu: Okay, what’s on your wishlist?

Frace: Okay, so… I can’t just say a hot girlfriend, can I?

Lulu: Yeah, you can say that.

Frace: I mean I guess I could say that, but it sounds kind of like… — and a pirate ship. (laughter) If I had to choose between the two, I’d take both. So maybe like a wench…

Lulu: What about a pirate ship with the girl on the stern that comes to life?

Frace: Oh, yes.

Lulu: You like that?

Frace: Yes.

Lulu: You’re welcome.

Frace: And she’ll go to sleep if I don’t want to deal with her. She’ll go back to being —

Lulu: You’re selling yourself really well on the podcast.

Frace: I’m pretty good at dealing with hot women that turn magically into the stern of boats. That’s a mermaid, I guess. Kind of.

Lulu: A mermaid isn’t a boat.

Frace: I know, but in my mind she looks like a mermaid on the front of it.

Lulu: That’s fair.

Frace: Pointing north.

Lulu: If I ever run into a pirate wench looking for a guy and who loves tacos, then I’m going to call you.

Frace: Yeah.

Lulu: That’s a good wishlist. Didn’t see that one coming.

Frace: I know. What did you think it was gonna be?

Lulu: I don’t know. That’s what I love about it. I had no idea, because we have no rules, so it can be something imaginary, real…

Frace: It’s a mixture of imaginary / real.

Lulu: Yeah. I mean, pirate ships..

Frace: I would like a real girlfriend, but I would like an imaginary magical pirate boat. But also I want that to be real so — you know what? I want it all. It’s my wishlist, right?

Lulu: It’s your wishlist. You can have anything you want. Speaking of having anything you want, if you had $10,000, what would you do with it right now?

Frace: Practically —

Lulu:— not practically.

Frace: Not practically. I’d probably help out my family.

Lulu: That’s practical. I mean that’s lovely —

Frace: I know, but it’s the truth. All right, so if I had $10,000… you know what? I’ve never been out of the country. So I’d probably spend some time traveling.

Lulu: You have a bucket list place?

Frace: I want to go to Ireland, and I want to go to Greece. I’m Irish, so my roots are McAffrey, and I’ve never been to Ireland. I’ve been to Mexico and Canada which is basically like, being in America, but I’ve never been out of the country.

Lulu: That’s great. Ireland. You could find yourself a pirate in Ireland. It’s gonna work.

Frace: A saucy pirate wench—

Lulu:— ARRRRRRRRRland! (laughter)

Frace: There you go! So I’d probably travel.

Lulu: Well, that’s good, welcome to our travel podcast. Okay, I would love to know if there is an organization / foundation / charity that you really love and wish that they had more money to have, or to help, or to support…

Frace: I actually have been doing research on different charities because this year was all about me giving back, because I’m such a blessed person. So I wrote down the website because this one is … it’s like up my alley, too.

You get to donate a tribe of goats to African villages and stuff like that. You literally donate livestock. It’s called Oxfam Gifts. I just think it’s so cool to give the gift of an animal. It’s not therapeutic, because I think they use them to get milk and things like that.

Lulu: But they need that.

Frace: But they need all that stuff.

Lulu: I think that’s awesome.

Frace: My initial instinct was BC/EFA, because of theater.

Lulu: Which is Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS, for anybody who’s not in theater.

Frace: But for something that’s a little different— because that’s important too. Nobody ever thinks about that.

Lulu: You don’t have to feel stressed about picking the most important charity.

Frace: I’m stressed!

Lulu: I know. I can see that in your eyes. You just had to, just give us a little highlight, because I think that people sometimes… like, especially with Oxfam, nobody was thinking about that that was listening to this podcast until you said it. That’s awesome.

Frace: Who doesn’t want goats?

Lulu: I mean, they need the goats.

Frace: That’s the thing. It’s not a want.

Lulu: It’s not a pygmy goat hanging out in Beverly Hills.

Frace: It’s not like me, like I want a pirate ship and a woman. (laughter)

Lulu: That’s just like, I need a goat to have milk to feed my family.

Frace: So it’s a good organization.

Lulu: We’re almost done, so Frace, what is your happy?

Frace: My happy today?

Lulu: Yeah.

Frace: The weather was amazing today. I went out for a run and meditated, and it was like, I’m where I’m supposed to be. Happy.

Lulu: I love you. That’s awesome.

Frace: It’s the truth.

Lulu: The weather in New York was really great today.

Frace: Yeah, we’ve dealt with so much crazy weather.

Lulu: It was the perfect New York sunny day.

Frace: I think this was the best day that we’ve had since I can remember in terms of weather.

Lulu: It was beautiful.

Frace: Is this a weather podcast?

Lulu: Um, today it’s been a self-help podcast, it’s been a Bachelor podcast, it’s been a podcast about podcasts, and now it’s a weather podcast, so…

Frace: You guys really cover everything.

Lulu: Well, again, in podcasting, you can be an expert even if you’re not an expert.

Frace: I’m certainly not an expert.

Lulu: That’s the whole point.

Frace: Self-proclaimed.

Lulu: Exactly. Can’t wait to check out Limos and Roses. I think all of you should too, and then you should rate and review that one as well. Right?

Frace: Yeah. Do it. Why not?

Lulu: Thanks for being here.

Frace: So happy to be here.

Lulu: I love you.

Frace: You too.

Lulu: All right. Peace out.
Frace: Deuces.