10k Saturday with Emma Davila!


Alison: Hi everyone, and welcome to 10k Saturday, and this week, we have the one, the only —

Alison and Emma: EMMA!

Alison: Emma is actually my fourteen-year-old daughter (Emma cheers), so she actually completes the family now, because we’ve had all of our family members on. So you’re last, but not least! 

Emma: EMMA!

Alison: So, I’ve already prepped Emma a little bit about what 10k Saturday is all about, and I can’t wait to hear her answers. So have you done any research? 

Emma: Yeah, I actually did! 

Alison: Really?

Emma: Yeah.

Alison: Okay, well, I’m excited about it! First of all, tell people a little bit about yourself. What do you like to do, where can they follow you?

Emma: Oh, fancy. So, I do dance, I’ve been dancing for five years, I have Instagram, you can follow me at @_emmadavila. I like dancing… I like singing, but I’m kinda not good at it, I’m okay at it, and I also like acting. So triple threat!

Alison: Yeah! Love it. Okay, so, first question, right out of the gate. What are you currently obsessed with? 

Emma: I think you can guess this one… 

Alison: Let me guess, let me guess. Oh, wait. Is it TikTok? 

Emma: Oh, it can’t be TikTok, don’t say that. That’s my secret obsession!

Alison: Oh, I didn’t know we had a secret obsession. Okay, we should add that question. Is it Vampire Diaries? 

Emma: Yes.

Alison: I knew it. Tell everyone about the show. 

Emma: It’s this show on Netflix, it was on Freeform, I think. It’s called Vampire Diaries, and it’s about vampires, but not their diaries. But it’s about vampires. It’s really good, and I’m obsessed with it.

Alison: And do you want to be a vampire? 

Emma: Yes! No. I want a vampire boyfriend. 

Alison: Oh. Well then, you’d eventually be one, right? 

Emma: Well, yeah. 

Alison: I like zombie movies, so I can relate to that. Okay, next question: what is your wishlist? What’s on your wishlist?

Emma: Okay, when I was thinking about this one, I didn’t really know. I thought back-to-school stuff. So I want this Jansport backpack. It’s called the School Backpack. 

Alison: It’s literally called that?

Emma: I think so. It comes in blue or grey, and I like both colors. And then I want a Jansport lunchbox so I don’t look like the weird girl with the really big lunch boxes that are weird, so I just want a plain black lunchbox. Because I’m going to high school, you know. Scary!

Alison: Note taken about the gifts, there. We’re already there. So our biggest question: if you had ten thousand dollars and one day to spend it, what would you do, or where would you go?  

Emma: Okay, so this question, I have combined both answers. So I would go to Hawaii, but I would buy a personal chef, because I am obsessed also with food, so whatever I’d want he would just make it for me. Or she. Just make whatever I want. 

Alison: I’m sure people actually can see where you’re getting this from, because this is mostly what I do. Get people to cook for me on 10k Dollar Day. And that’s probably because your mother is not a very good cook. 

Emma: Yes. You can make…

Alison: What?

Emma: Ramen noodles… 

Alison: I make pretty good —

Emma: — spaghetti. And mac and cheese. 

Alison: And tacos. 

Emma: Tacos. And pizza. The frozen ones. (Laughter)

Alison: Okay, so Hawaii. Note taken as well. We might make this happen for you one day. I don’t know about the personal chef. I think you’d have some money left over. 

Emma: I’d probably buy some cute bathing suits. Maybe go on a scuba diving excursion, dolphin excursion, because I didn’t really get to do that at school. Someone jumped off a boat. Long story. We’ll explain that another time. 

Alison: Well, if you want to know, why don’t you email us at 10kdollarday@gmail.com, I’ll fill you in. So the next question is, if you had ten thousand dollars and you had to give it away…

Emma: This is where I did my research. 

Alison: Oh, good for you!

Emma: So since I love dance, I thought of a bunch of organizations like cancer stuff and homeless… but then I was like, are there any dance charities I can donate to? And I found a charity, and it’s called Soul Dancers. And you can donate, and it’s for kids and adults who don’t have enough money to afford dance or even houses. So they pay for their tuition and they pay for all their stuff, and even their food for them and stuff. 

Alison: Nice. So we’re going to put that organization on our blog, so don’t miss that. That’s really cool. I love that. You’re so great. I’m glad we finally got to do this. And then the last question: what’s your happy? It can be little, it can be big. And just specifically today. What today is just, I am thankful, I am happy for that. 

Emma: Probably my sister. She made me laugh a lot today. 

Alison: (about to cry) Really?

Emma: I know, that’s a new thing. We were at Publix, and I was like, slapping her, and she said, “Santa is watching.” And then she was acting like a fifteen-year-old like she always does, and she was blowing on her nails… it was really funny. It made me laugh a lot. 

Alison: That’s awesome. Very cool. I love that my girls are loving each other! Thank you so much for being part of this 10k Saturday! All right, guys we’ll see you really soon. Bye!

Emma: Bye!

Ash Burns